How to connect under cabinet lighting to the main kitchen light/switch?

I have got LED undercabinet lights i would like to connect to my main light circuit in my kitchen. I would like it so when the main kitchen light is turned on the LED cabinet lights also come on. I know I have to run 1.5mm cable behind the cabinets up to the ceiling under the floorboards above the kitchen, however I cannot find a wiring diagram of how these cables connect at this point??

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  • Jim W
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    9 years ago
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    Contact a qualified professional electrician. This is a project that you lack the needed experience to do. Run the wire and the connections must be done according to certain electrical codes that are different in many areas. It is cheaper to hire the electrician than to burn a home or kill someone. In general the connections are wire to wire but not always and you did not provide enough information for us to determine exactly what you are installing since there are many LED types of lights on the market.

    Source(s): 50+ years in the electrical industry
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