Christofer Drew Ingle report help ASAP?

I want to write a 2 page essay on Christofer for my "Famous person you admire" report. The thing is that I don't have enough information. I have this and that's it.

Christofer drew Ingle is the lead singer of the band Never Shout Never.

Supporter/ member of the vegetarian organization Peta2

Born in San Diego and lived there until he was 2

Parents' names are Nancy Keifner and Edward Ingle.

Parents have divorced (August of '09)

Has an older brother named David.

Has two younger sisters, Sarah and Hannah

At 13, he got interested in guitar and started learning on his dad's guitar.

Age 14, he started smoking and is currently trying to quit at aged 20

Age 16. Christofer started his band Never Shout Never and became a vegetarian

Got picked on for not playing football in HS even though he did Track, cross country and thought about going for a professional Tennis career.

He dropped out of High School.

He had his first experience with weed with his friends and isn't proud of it

He got into psychedelic drugs and he says they shouldn't be taken lightly and he recommends not even experimenting.

In his teens, he was depressed and because of this and other behavior, he got kicked out. Chris spent 3 months living in cars and with friends

Has a lot of tattoos. He got his first tattoo at 16 in a trailer park on his right wrist and it is translated from Hebrew to English, it says “Faith”

Each hat he has symbols a phase in his life

I want more. Like how old he was when he started writing music, how old was he when he started Myspace things like that. Maybe his younger life. More of where he's lived, his family, what's happened through out his family like with Hannah and Sarah.

Also how long he's been into music and what got him started. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!!

(Websites or straight up facts are appreciated and I would like the source.)


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    Hes 20.

    He use to have a girlfriend but they broke up.

    His parents are divorced.

    He never completed high school because of his music career he had to drop out before graduation.

    He has many tattoos, (peace sign on his foot, 'love is my weapon' on his chest ETC.)

    Read his myspace blogs. (It has his twitter on there too)

    He only has two music videos so far.

    He began music in September of 2007.

    He is a Christian. But he hasn't gone to church since he got kicked out when he was 16.

    He original was called NeverShoutNever! But he decided to call it NeverShoutNever when hes happy and Never Shout Never when he's sad.

    Hes a vegan.

    He became famous through myspace. thats his other myspace.

    His favorite color is green.

    He's smoked since he was 14. Sometimes pot also. He went through a phase when he was sixteen were that's all he did.

    He is left handed but he plays guitar with his right.

    He supports gay marriage.

    He DOESN'T sleep around on tour (one night stands in other words).

    He's not gay.

    It doesn't bother him that people illegally download his music.

    His hair is naturally brown.

    He started playing guitar in eight grade.

    He lost his virginity when he was sixteen to a very mean girl he thought he loved. She cheated on him MANY times.

    His favorite movie is 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.

    He likes smoothies.

    He was a dork in high school, nobody would talk to him, so most of the time he would just stay home and make music.

    He admits that he usually has really bad acne.

    He hates cameras.

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    Darren Freakin Criss.

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