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Pit bulls illegal in UK?

So I'm hoping to adopt this sweatheart of a pit bull soon, and she will be staying with me through my HS years, and when I go off to college.

I was hoping to go to the Royal Vet. College in London, however I've heard that I wouldn't be able to bring this dog because she is a pit-bull/ PB mix?

I'm just curious if that is true (Google isn't exactly giving me helpful results) and why?



Thanks guys! Very helpful information.

And I don't live in the UK...

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    Any Pit or mix will be removed from your possesion and destroyed.

    They are not permitted in UK:

    The ownership of certain types of dog is banned:

    •Pit Bull Terrier

    •Japanese Tosa

    •Dogo Argentino

    •Fila Braziliero

    It’s illegal to breed from, sell, abandon or give away a banned dog.

    The legislation that covers dangerous dogs is the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Section 3 covers any breed, while Section 1 and 4b cover banned dogs.

    Source(s): I live in UK Google
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  • Joanne
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    yes pitbull types are banned in the UK under the dangerous dogs act. If you did bring her she will be taken from you and then you would have to pay court costs and prove she is not dangerous, if u can she will have to be spayed, chipped, muzzeled at all times in public and insured for public liabiliy (which most isnurs wont insure band breeds) then she will be put on the exempt dogs list, if you fail in court or cant pay or cand/dont follow the above things she will be destroyed. Better to find someone to look after her while your in the UK.

    The law was a knee-jerk reaction to a spat of highly publicscised dog attackes, and instead of phocusing on bad owners it went by how a dog looks. So if a dog look enought like a pitbull type (the word tpe means it doesnt have to actualy be a pitbull just look like one) it is calssed as dangerous untill proven its not in a court of law.

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  • Yes, the American Pit Bull Terrier and anything that slightly resembles a Pit Bull is banned from the UK.

    Did that stop these dogs from being there? NO. People still discreetly breed and sell fighting dogs and its not going to stop. Time for a reality check people.

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  • Yes, even dogs who are not Pit Bulls have been seized and destroyed for looking like one. In Northern Ireland, there is a dog by the name of Lennox (an American Bulldog/Labrador cross) who is currently fighting for his life, after being seized for looking like a Pit.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes, they are illegal. Bring it in and it will be destroyed.

    It is due to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, a notoriously poor piece of legislation rushed through Parliament as a result of a series of dog-attacks widely reported in the press.

    Sorry - it's not what you wanted to hear, but it's best to know the truth before you come.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yeah, I've heard they were illegal.

    Such a shame. Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs; I own three. I'm glad I live in a state that is made up of Pit Bulls being about the only dog people have.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes they are illegal in Uk so you wouldn't be allowed to bring her into UK. If you go to the DEFRA Uk goverment site you will find a list of all banned breeds in UK. In Uk any dog that is believed to be an illegal breed pure or cross will be removed by the police placed in secret kennels and then a expert will decide if it is one of the banned breeds and if it is decided it is the dog will be put to sleep and the owner could find themselve in court for ownering a banned breed.

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  • 8 years ago

    I was fortunate enough to own one of these wonderful dogs for 15 years.Alas idiot owners and people with very little understanding of the breed tried to wipe them out in the uk.My dog had to be castrated and chipped and tattooed with an identification number.this was some 10 years ago so in theory there are very few or none of these great dogs left .Plus muzzled in public.If you are fortunate enough to find one you will have to follow these police state rules and abide by them or some know nothing do gooder will persecute you and your dog.Best of luck with your plans

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    SWEATHEART? Funny that you didn't come up with anything, because when I did a search, I came up with several sites that gave this info. How can you live in the U.K., and not know the answer to this question?

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