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poker cash games tips plz?

i normally play tournaments but im trying / failing a little at cash games

u get people calling with a variety of hands which is hard to play against

i need some tips on how to play Cash better

read people better online/live

and people that never fold how to beat that

some people always call on flop even With nothing to see what u do next how to combat against that

and any other tips for cash games

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    Cash games, as you're discovering, play differently than freezeout tournaments. What you'll also find is that lower-stakes games play differently than higher-stakes games, generally speaking. My advice will be geared toward live lower-stakes no-limit hold'em games, since that is the most popular casino spread these days.

    First, you really have to use your powers of observation in a live game. You have to get a good feel for the table you're at. Does the game have a lot of pre-flop limping? Is there often a raise or two pre-flop? How many players see the flop? Are hands usually going to the river? Are pots multi-way at the river or showdown? What kinds of hands are being turned over?

    Yes, those are a lot of questions to answer. But they're all important. If there is very little pre-flop raising, you can play more hands - and more marginal hands. You can also play hands out of position, because you don't fear being raised as much. If there is often 2-3 bets in pre-flop, you have to tighten up considerably from early or middle position.

    Lower-stakes games are sometimes called "no-fold'em hold'em"....with good reason. If you know there are a number of players at your table, seeing most flops, you really want to wait for your premium hands, and then punish those players with sizable pre-flop raises.

    You have to know what the typical raise is at your table, too. For example, if you're playing a 1-2 no-limit game, and the standard raise is to, say, 12 pre-flop, if you wake up with a big pair or Ace-face suited, you might want to make your first raise as much as 20 or 30 - or more if you get raised. That should scare off most of the limpers, and keep your field size low, which will help your premium hand tremendously.

    At a table like the one we talked about in the last paragraph, you also don't want to play a lot of hands, generally speaking, because you'll be up against too many players to make marginal holdings profitable.

    Most NL HE games have max buy-ins. If you see such a game, and there are several players at your table with stacks 4-5 times the max buy-in, go find a different game. You don't need to be at such a table short-stacked.

    Also, don't sit down with one buy-in in your pocket. Carry enough cash so that you can re-buy once or twice. Of course, you have to be brutally honest with yourself and determine whether you're playing well enough to risk additional buy-ins. This is REALLY hard to do in the heat of the moment.

    In lower-stakes games, don't worry so much about reading people. A lot of them are going to have what they represent, especially on the end. (However, if you're watching your table, you may spot a habitual bluffer or two, and can adjust accordingly.) A very good lower-stakes rule is, if you play good cards in good position, your decisions will be much easier to make, regardless of the opponent.

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    If you want to beat players that never fold aka. low limit players... simply play tight. Play your good hands strong and bluff less. Live cash games are generally much looser and the skill level is worse. Poker is all about adjusting and counter adjusting to your opponents. Focus on playing good, physical tells is not crucial but it can be useful. Some common tells I use are if opponent hand's are shaking it means a monster hand. Another tell is Strong is weak.... if the player is acting strong,such as speaking loudly or how they put in the chips then it usually means they are bluffing and trying to intimate. And Vice versa, if the player is speaking softly and acting weak then they usually have a hand, trying to make you call.

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    You need to tighten up your starting requirements and play more aggresively.

    If peopel never fold, then you need to have a dominating hand against that person.

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