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Do pc games also give you a free download aswell?

Do they give you a free download from steam? Or whatever program it uses.


I mean if i buy a hard copy, am i able to also download it free?

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    Any game bought through Steam can be downloaded as often as you like. However, many games from third party companies such as EA Games have to be activated with that company's servers and some can only be activated a limited number of times. After that you usually have to contact that company and ask for more activations. Games from other companies such as Rift of Final Fantasy XI require a monthly subscription for you to be able to play them.

    Edit: If you buy a DVD of a game that needs to be registered via Steam then you could just register the serial number and throw the DVD away if you wanted. Once your code is registered it's no different than if you bought the game online in the Steam store, you can download it whenever you like.

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