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whats the difference between a sheriff, police officer, and sergeant?

What's the difference between them, what do they do? And why does a sheriff wear khaki police uniform instead of black? And can you call a police sergeant, officer or do you have to call them sgt?

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    The main difference between a police officer and a deputy sheriff is jurisdiction. The officer works for a city and the deputy has responsibility for the entire county. The sheriff's department also has additional responsibilities such as running the county jail and serving civil process papers such as subpoenas, eviction notices, and restraining orders.

    A sergeant is a supervisor. Both police departments and sheriff's department have them. Calling them sergeant would be most appropriate, but they are still police officers so that would be proper too.

    The color of the uniform is a matter of department policy. Most police are blue, most sheriffs are brown but I've seen green, white, khaki and black too.

    Source(s): Law enforcement since 1991
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    Sheriffs are elected officials who run law enforcement in a county. In most (not all ) cases they have police officers who patrol rural or unincorporated areas of the county. Those officers are basically the same as municipal officers. usually same training (some larger cites give their officers much more than required training) . Municipal officers are run by a chief (or other name) who is not elected. The chief answers to the mayor. Sheriffs also often have the responsibility to provide correction officers (jail guards), court officers (bailiffs), process servers, etc. Sheriffs police in most states have a larger jurisdiction (full police powers) in a larger area than most municipal officers. Attitudes differ by officer and area, patrolled not department. Rural officers have different attitudes than do officers patrolling high rise projects. For a rural officer back up can easily be 20 or 30 minutes away. In most large cites back up is no more than 3 to 5 minutes away, just an example.

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    Bruce, spot on.... I would always call them Sgt, as they've earned it! =)

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