3 ways the polio vaccine affected american society?

For my junior project i have to prove three positive affects the polio vaccine had on the american society. Please help! thanks!!

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    There are far more negative ways the polio vaccine did to the American society than positive things.

    The few good things is that:

    1. It opened the eyes of the manufacturer, Merck pharmaceutical company to the fact that the green monkeys (50,000 of them approx.) had wild viruses in them so they would start looking for them.

    2. It showed that vaccines needed to be tested more thoroughly before unleashing them on the public.

    3. It indicated that the dead virus vaccine by Salk was better than the Sabin live vaccine when it was first introduced.

    Now for the reality of what that vaccine did to America and the world:

    1. 90% of those who carried the polio virus never had any symptoms. (Burnet, p 93) "The natural history of infectious disease - Cambridge U Press New York 1972.

    2. Only a fraction of 1% of cases ended up with long term paralysis (Burnet, p 108).

    3. Polio was over reported before the vaccine and under reported after the vaccine. This trick reporting can be found on p.109 of Neustaedter's The VAccine Guide where the government biostatistician Dr. Bernard Greenberg is quoted.

    4. In 1955 the early Salk vaccine 80 children immediately got polio from the vaccine and they spread it to 120 kids. Three of the victims died and 75% were paralyzed. (Dr. Herbert Shelton) "Hygienic Care of Children" p. 487.

    5. What is certain is that polio is gone, but not because of the polio vaccine. The inventor of the most popular polio vaccine, Jonas Salk testified in 1977 that the few cases of polio we now see in the U.S. are the result of using the polio vaccine rather than the result of the disease itself. (Science Abstracts 4 Apr. 1977).

    6. The CDC admits that all cases of polio in the U.>S. after 1979 have been caused by the vaccine, not the disease! (p.568).

    7. Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the head of the Vaccine division of Merck pharmaceutical that made the polio vaccine said in a confidential interview that the polio vaccine contained the SV-40 virus that was the precursor to AIDS and many people were infected with this that got the polio shot.

    see this interview for yourself at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edikv0zbAlU

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    Some 98 million doses of the SV-40 virus contaminated polio vaccine were given to American children between 1955 and 1963. Later research linked the SV-40 with cancer and the University of Texas and at Baylor independently found the same hight correlation (43%) between SV-40 and non-Hodgkins lymphoma, the fifth most common cancer in the U.S. (Beil)

    8. Leading scientists Michele Carbone MD said there are more than 70 papers from 60 different laboratories that have confirmed the association of SV-40 with human bone and brain tumors.

    9. The polio vaccine of today is still unsafe. In the Caribbean during 2002, there were 21 cases of polio and 2 deaths caused by the oral polio vaccine. The vaccine itself has created a new disease, capable of spreading from patient to patient, according the the CDC. Further to that report, the virus, originating in the vaccine had undergone a series of genetic mutations.., had reverted to a virulent form and caused the very disease it was meant to prevent!"

    The polio vaccine is clearly perpetuating a disease that would have disappeared completely on its own by now!

    EDIT: @JOHN: You are very wrong in your evaluation of drug companies. They have NEVER CURED a single degenerative disease in over 200 years of their existence. Polio was NOT cured by any drug! In fact the above facts show it actually caused more of the disease than the disease itself. Polio was on it's way out of existence when the vaccine was introduced.

    Simply a lot of DRUG COMPANY "Spin" has been generated to indoctrinate people that vaccines are good and safe, which they certainly are not.

    EDIT: Further to your education about vaccines in general and specifically data regarding polio vaccine, a very excellent book that has just been published is: "Vaccination is not immunization" by Tim O'Shea. It is the (second edition). Excellent reading and very well documented, as well as being recommended by many doctors that agree with his information.

    good luck to you

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    thankfully not. In 1955-fifty six, an in depth polio vaccination campaign got here approximately in Denmark. We have been the 1st u . s . to grant little ones in the 1st 5 years of faculty unfastened vaccines. There hasn't been a single case of polio in Denmark considering that 1976. i will in no way understand the reasoning and actuality resistance displayed via people who're against vaccines.

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