Which nursing school in San Antonio Texas has the highest success rate in getting a nursing job?

I'm debating whether it would be better to go to a trade school such as Hallmark for nursing, or to go through the Baptist Health system nursing program. I am just wondering whether going through Baptist would make it easier to get a job once I have graduated. I am not concerned about the process of getting into either school as far as prereqs or anything; I'm mostly concerned with being able to find a job once I've graduated. Which school would give me a better chance of being hired somewhere as an RN quickly after graduation?

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  • 9 years ago
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    DO NOT go to an over-priced career school to become an RN! First of all, they do not meet the national accreditation for nursing programs!

    Next, in Texas, the trend is to have the BSN as the minimum degree for new RNs to get a job, so if you have an Associate Degree from a program that isn't accredited by the NLN, you aren't likely to find a job when the other applicants have BSNs or even just ASNs from accredited schools.

    Choose a college from either of these links:

    http://apps.aacn.nche.edu/CCNE/reports/accprog.asp (for BSN and graduate programs)


    http://www.nlnac.org/Forms/directory_search.htm (primarily for ASN, LVN/LPN, and Diploma programs)

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