When someone has Venus conjunct Pluto in Libra?

Does this aspect make love relationships difficult? Does Pluto take over and shove Venus out of the way? Just wondering...


@ Jess, maybe that is what I am missing. The Scorpio Overtones of this aspect. Because it also conjuncts the ascendant which is our personality. Thanks. That's a good way of thinking about this.

Update 2:

@ Maariaa, I agree that Libra Venus is a lovely sign, but when Pluto gets involved unfortunately it does "feel" more like Scorpio than Libra. That darn Pluto. Pushing its weight around all the time! We know Pluto=Power but I wish it would take a "chill pill" Kick back and stay out of the picture for a while!

Update 3:

@ Maariaa, I agree that Libra Venus is a lovely sign, but when Pluto gets involved unfortunately it does "feel" more like Scorpio than Libra. That darn Pluto. Pushing its weight around all the time! We know Pluto=Power but I wish it would take a nap. Kick back and stay out of the picture for a while!

Update 4:

@ EVOLoVED, Somebody out there has got to have the answer as to why Pluto can bully that Sweet Libra Venus as it deserves better than this!

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    Good question, i have that aspect and also ascendant is conjunct pluto, then pluto is conjunct venus...would that make it an overbearing aspect?

    @Amethyst- thank you for asking this, the aspect is difficult because it does take love and marry it to the love of a challenge, then conjunct the ascendant displays this pairing for all to see....makes for a strong reaction from others to me that i dont usually expect because inside I feel so mousey and quiet with my virgo moon in 12th. its usually a good reaction but with men they seem to either want the challenge of getting me under their control and dominate me or they are intimidated, if they stick around when intimidated its because they need a mom to take care of them and keep them in line more than a partner in a woman. My relationships have been with the ones that needed a mommy because they are at first soft and sweet, but eventually i would become the bread winner, and the wife taking care of them, the other guys didnt attract me, im not attracted to a guy trying to control me.

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    Pluto In Libra

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    If you have venus in libra, I think that alone would make you have more pleasant relationships, but Pluto may take over Venus at times, But a Libra pluto wont have that problem too much, overall it should be a nice aspect to have ( I would imagine), atleast your venus and pluto arent in Scorpio, THEN you would have a big problem lol.

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    Yes, that is a good question and I think Liz Greene is the utmost authority on Pluto in relation to the personal planets but I'll take a stab. I think Pluto conjunct Venus does have the reputation for making relationships difficult only because Pluto can be so insatiable emotionally and until there is an immense amount of self-awareness, Pluto will sort of be a catalyst for drama and sometimes explore the depths at the cost of stability. Pluto, on the outset, doesn't care much for stability though linked with Venus, the purpose is for the two to work together to find balance through relationship. Pluto values truth and the experience of our deepest, sometimes unconscious desires and has no problem rocking the boat to serve those ends. So in that way, Pluto can seem to overpower gentle Venus (what we don't see may control us) but I think becoming aware that both need an equal voice is the beginning of coordinating their aims: passion AND commitment, depth AND levity. It is an incredible rich and complex pairing.

    Rocking the boat can be incredibly threatening to some partners (let's say a triple Gemini) but this individual will likely attract partners that can sort of wade through the depths with them, the highs and the lows of their passions for purpose of transformation through relationship. Venus conjunct Pluto people will not really be content to skim the surface and nor should they have to if they attract people with a similar passionate bent and appetite for raw emotional bonds (all within the context of a committed bond). I think it would be easier to have Venus conjunct Pluto than say Venus opposing or squaring Pluto since the planets in conjunction have no choice but to work together and integrate their energies. There can be even more of a push pull effect or dissociation, I think, if there in more challenging aspect.

    So difficulty is part and parcel to Venus/Pluto but I really think it is all relative. The individual would be bored out of their mind with something too staid, so difficulty or challenge is sort of the food they need to explore their passions and relate where others fear to tread. At its best, this aspect offers the incredible fulfillment of a sexual and emotional bond. It just may take some work to contain that sort of intensity and stay open and committed when the boat starts to rock. I think the more Venus Pluto sort of "owns" their own intensity and finds perhaps another artistic outlet for it, the less this drama will have to play out in relationships. It all depends on the awareness of the individual and how they choose to siphon that energy. Hope that contributes something to the conversation. Take care.

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    I'm not sure about the "shove Venus out of the way" part, but it certainly can mimic a Venus in Scorpio type manifestation; and no doubt, you know what that means.

    Whoa - conjuncting the ASC would highlight this aspect most poignantly, too.

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