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YWWE TLC pick winners and rate matches and show?

Raw GM- Abraham Washington

Smackdown GM- Eric Bishoff

Interim ECW GM- Joey Styles

WWE Champion- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

World Heavyweight Champion- Shawn Michaels

ECW Champion- RVD

Intercontinental Champion- Finlay

United States Champion- Christian

Television Champion- Shane Douglas

European Champion- Cody Rhodes

Hardcore Champion- Tommy Dreamer

Cruiserweight Champion- Justin Gabriel

X-Division Champion- Rey Mysterio

Women's Champion- Angelina Love

Diva's Champion- Natalya

Knockout's Champion- Brooke

World Tag Team Champions- Orlando Jordan & Heath Slater

WWE Tag Team Champions- Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

ECW Tag Team Champions- Sandman & Sabu

1. Finlay(c) v Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez (Intercontinental Championship match)

2. JBL v Wade Barrett w/ David Otunga

Post Match- Barrett & Otunga double team JBL. Orlando Jordan runs out to help JBL. As all for brawl, Mason Ryan comes out and aids Barrett and Otunga, hitting spine busters on both JBL and Jordan.

3. Shane Douglas(c) v Chris Benoit (Television Championship match)

Interveiw with Kaval and Bryan Danielson. Bryan Danielson talks about his opperunity tonight in the triple threat chairs match against Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy. He says he isnt much of a hardcore guy but the chairs stipulation could work in his favor. Kaval then talks about his #1 contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista. He says its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog and he is a warrior. He will defeat Batista. They are then asked what will happen if Danielson wins the World Heavyweight title and Kaval is the number one contender. Danielson says that doesnt matter. They will still be a team. Kaval walks off for his match and Danielson follows him. Kaval stops Danielson and says he wants to do it himself

4. Batista v Kaval

5. Edge v Christian v Matt Hardy v Jeff Hardy v Devon Dudley v Bubba Ray Dudley (6 man TLC match)

6. RVD(c) v Umaga (ECW Championship ladder match)

7. Chris Jericho(c) v Mr. Kennedy v Bryan Danielson (World Heavyweight Championship triple threat chairs match)

8. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin(c) v William Regal (WWE Championship tables match)

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    Match 1-Finlay taps out to the Cross Arm Breaker after a little interference from Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio takes the title. 8/10

    Match 2-Wade Barrett beats JBL with the WasteLand. 8/10

    Post Match: Nice little beat down. 8/10

    Match 3-Douglas uses his chain to beat Benoit into a concussion, retains the title. 8/10

    Interview: Nice little brothership. 9/10

    Match 4-Kaval grabs the upset with 7 Warrior Ways. 8/10

    Match 5-MOTN candidate. Bubba Ray wins. 9/10

    Match 6-Umaga wins the title with the Samoan Spike. 8/10

    Match 7-Mr Kennedy steals one! MOTN candidate #2. 9/10

    Match 8-Questionable main event....William Regal win the big one. 8/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 66/80 B

    Promo/Segment Value: 17/20 B+

    Show Value: 83/100 B+

    Show Wrap Up:

    Match of the Night: Chris Jericho(c) vs Mr. Kennedy vs Daniel Bryan

    Trash of the NIght: Solid PPV, no trash

    Segment/Promo of the Night: Interview with Senshi and Daniel Bryan

    Closing Comments:

    **Solid PPV. Everything was solid, segments/promos and the matches. Everything fit in place. A questionable main event, but a good one. Match 7 and Match 5 stole the show. Again, a solid B. Great show.

  • Match 1-winner Alberto Del Rio-8/10

    Match 2-winner JBL-8/10

    Post Match-7/10

    Match 3-winner Chris Benoit-7/10

    Promo 1-9/10

    Match 4-winner Batista-9/10

    Match 5-winner Edge-10/10

    Match 6-winner Umaga-9/10

    Match 7-winner Chris Jericho-10/10

    Match 8-winner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin-9/10

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    1. Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) by pinfall

    2. JBL by pinfall

    3. Chris Benoit by submission

    4. Batista by pinfall

    5. Edge by Knockout

    6. RVD (c)

    7. Chris Jericho (c) by Knockout

    8. Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) by Knockout

    Overall: 8.5/10

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    Match 1(winner Alberto Del Rio)(9/10)

    Match 2(winner JBL)(9/10)

    Post Match(7.5/10)

    Match 3(winner Chris Benoit)(8/10)

    Promo 1(10/10)

    Match 4(winner Batista)(9/10)

    Match 5(winner Edge)(10/10)

    Match 6(winner RVD)(10/10)

    Match 7(winner Chris Jericho)(10/10)

    Match 8(winner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)(10/10)

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