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What type of lancet devices does planned parenthood use?

Does anyone work for planned parenthood that can tell me what type of lancets devices planned parenthood uses? are they the one time use ones that once they are used once on a patient they cannot be used again?? Thank you.


I called and they stated they use one time use only but i was unsure if they meant that it was protocol to use it on a patient and dispose of them right after or if it meant that they use it and then the spring no longer works to be pressed again- if it was by accident.

The lancet device did not look like the one used in diabetic home kits- like a pen device. It looked as if it had the lancet already in it like the hameolance lancet.

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  • John W
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    All lancets are supposed to be single use only especially in clinical use. It's just that the ones in drums can only be triggered once. I don't think planned parenthood would standardize lancet use throughout all their offices but each office would use whatever approved lancet they had available.

  • Cammie
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    You can easily call your local Planned parenthood and ask .

    Most medical facilities use the single use ones.

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