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Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law Bill?

Americans MUST know about this if we are going to STOP it. Urgently spread this petition as widely as possible. Write or call the White House to tell the President you won't sit by and watch NDAA Section 1031 and the dangerously misleading Feinstein Amendment 1031(e) become law.

The Obama administration officially states he is signing the NDAA - Click for news article. Both the House and Senate have finalized it and submitted it for his signature. (4:39pm ET 12/15) In the final bill, they renamed Section 1031 to Section 1021, but it is otherwise unchanged. The President will promptly sign NDAA Section 1031 into law, codifying who is eligible for "Detention under the law of war without trial." Without a trial, there is no chance to tell a judge that the government has no evidence. The worst thing about this law is that it originally exempted U.S. citizens, but now it dangerously does not specify either way..

The bottom line is that the NDAA bill contains language that will codify, or make into law, the much debated act of defining U.S. citizens as enemy combatants. It will leave that discretionary power to the executive branch.

While many readers have contended that nothing in this bill applies to U.S. citizens, Senator Carl Levin, the bill's sponsor, explicitly disagrees. Even more alarming, it was Senator Levin who announced in Senate chambers that it was Barack Obama himself who demanded the verbiage that includes U.S. citizens as fair game by our own military on U.S. soil. This followed Senator Lindsey Graham's gleeful announcement that through the passage of this draconian legislation, the whole of America is now a battlefield and a venue in which the U.S. military may operate against its own.

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    FEMA camps and NDAA are the real thing. (just like an Orwellian Utopia) You'll be gettin' the eff out of dodge to avoid some kind of urban uprising because of a disaster or emergency and about 30 or 40 miles out of town traffic will stop. military stormtroopers will walk through stopped traffic and warn people to stay in their cars. when you get to the roadblock ahead you will be told to get out of your car (leave all of your belongings and your keys in the car) and wait in a holding area. You will then board a bus and go to one of their internment facilities where you will be in-processed. Hopefully you will not get to play any of their games (waterboarding, solitary confinement, etc)

    As for the NDAA (just signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama) that will be used to authorize the whole thing, did you read the book or see the movie "1984"? that's what it is. It allows any federal agency to declare an emergency and use the military forces to impose martial law. What they are doing in the mid east (door to door searches without warrants or any due process whatsoever) is only a rehearsal of what they have in store for us here. This is an article I wrote for another section.

    Do the police need a warrant to search me or my property? Under aspects of the US Constitution, all persons are protected from unwarranted searches and any other form of arbitrary harassment. Unfortunately modern courts have misinterpreted the intentions of the founding fathers who authored the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to give the police the power at their discretion to use "probable cause." Police should not be allowed to lawfully act on suspicions or whims, and any action against any person should be deemed unconstitutional. This also includes any electronic surveillance such as wiretaps, directional mics, etc. Of course under aspects of the "Patriot Act" they will claim that it is to protect us from terrorists. They also claim that states need to implement a REAL ID program so that sheeple can be digitally mapped for easy identification to once again... protect us from terrorists. Meanwhile, the southern border is wide open to basically let in whoever wants to come for whatever reason.

    The fact is this; the enforcement of drug and firearm prohibition has allowed the government to turn this country into a pig powered police state and everyday it is becoming more and more like the USSR. You might like all of this "protection" but personally I prefer to protect myself. If you are the kind of person that wants to give up your liberty for security then please go somewhere else like China or N Korea

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      As a senior military member I can ensure that this would never be enforced. We swear an oath to the Constitution and not the POTUS. Some may follow orders where most will not.

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    Ndaa Martial Law

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    Martial Law Signs

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law Bill?

    Americans MUST know about this if we are going to STOP it. Urgently spread this petition as widely as possible. Write or call the White House to tell the President you won't sit by and watch NDAA Section 1031 and the dangerously misleading Feinstein Amendment 1031(e) become law....

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    If Paul Revere himself were to come riding down main street USA blowing a trumpet right now, the average American would just close the curtains and ignore it as to not miss any of their beloved favorite TV show or ball game. Then they'd flip over to one of the controlled establishment media channels only to hear some fancy haired talking head tell them not to worry about the crazy guy on the horse who thinks he's Paul revere, he's just some nut who may also be a terrorist.

    Happy New Year Everyone.... and good luck!!!

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    Don't feel bad about being out of the loop on the N.D.A.A. Bill (National Defense Authorization Bill) most Americans are unaware of the content of the bill and think it is a good thing. Although it is a good thing to pass this type of bill to insure our armed forces are equipped to do their job of defense, what has got most in the loop about this bill upset is that it authorizes the military to detain suspected enemies of the state. This includes Americans who are against abortion, gays etc.. If you are against something or some group (illegal immigrants) then you could in affect be labeled an enemy of the state and detained by the military. The substance of the bill does say this excludes American citizens, but the Homeland Defense Report in 2009 (which is still in effect), label domestic terrorist very clearly to mean people who are against such things as I mentioned to include veterans of the armed forces who clearly oppose such things. Further more this bill also changes the U.C.M.J. that was weaseled in by our politicians. The U.C.M.J. is the law of our military forces (Uniformed Code of Military Justice). The changes made will strike down current laws prohibiting military personnel from engaging in sodomy and bestiality. This opens the door for all sorts of perversions to be allowed. Now that gays can serve openly in the military, the politicians want to see that they have clear reign to practice their sexual activities and furthermore any member of the military that wants to have sexual acts with animals. So this is why they don't read bills before they pass them. The N.D.A.A. is suppose to equip our fighting forces for defense and this portion of the bill has nothing to do with that. It just supports a minor group of members. I could care less if gays serve, but this has nothing to do with defense. I was married when I was in and I could not hold my wife's hand while in uniform, carry an umbrella or even push a baby carriage. But if I were in today they would not say a thing about me having sex with my dog. So I can see why most Americans are out of the loop, because this administration and congress likes to backdoor legislation and keep the American people in the dark. As good sheep they follow right along with their beloved government leaders (wolves in sheep's clothing). If we are to make real change in Washington D.C. we need to make sure these weasel clauses are no longer acceptable by having all bills read entirely on the house and Senate floors by the common person. These bills are filled with legalese by lawyers just to get the crap sounding politically correct. Write your congress person a make your voice heard or we will become slaves to those in power.


    Research and Retired U.S. Army

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    they write laws like this because everything is in place and it is already too late.

    and the sodomy bestiality greenlight is because during martial law the service men who are detaining you in pow camps want to blow off steam and have a little fun so they don't want them to get in trouble for that so they okay'ed it.

    and you stupid americans who say this is to keep you safe are in for one rude awakening.

    have fun!

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    Publish the list of everyone in congress that voted for it.

    Where is that phony tea party now?

    Vote for Ron Paul no matter what the media says.

    On the 4th of July 2012 we are going to have a nationwide online primary.

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    What the hell happened to letting foreign terrorists have a civil trial here in the U.S.? HA HA

    Now he's gone overboard the other way

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    wouldnt this bill go under judicial review ?

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