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HELP! i like a boy n his bro likes me aswell!?! (not using there names just letters)?

Ok i met this boy called T we became close and he started liking me i didnt like him back because i didnt think of him that way. about 2 months later he introduced me to his twin brother J. when T went to japan for around 2 weeks i started talking to J more and more and we got closer i started to get some feelings for J but didnt want to say anything because i thought he would say he had no feelings for me. anyway the day b4 T came back J admitted his feelings for me and i told him mine we havent started dating because of his brother T, the next day T found out that i liked J and we had a big fight and T told me how i broke his heart n J was scared that T would find out that J liked me. I thought T had backed off but last night he kept trying to get me to like him and i realized he liked me again. so the question is what do i do about T when i like J and T and J like me? :'( help!

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    Pretty much theres tow options ... You could NOT date either of them, and stay close friends with them both, and have no hurt feelings or family mingling.

    Option #2 : You could tell T that even though you know he likes you, that you really aren't interested in him that way ( I know its harsh but they get over it in time being) ... Also tell him that if you were to date J he has to be okay with it, and can't be annoying/jealous, because that could lead to you and J breaking up if you were to date! Also tell J that you know you both like each other and you'd like to start a relationship with him once you both settle things with T (:

    Hope this helped!

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    Don't go with either, avoid making a family feud.

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