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Is it a burden dating someone with kids?

Say a man has no kids and he is with a woman with kids. She ask him would he treat her kids the same as his biological kids when he have some and he say something like, "Yes I would treat them all the same, but I believe I would have a unique connection to my own children because they are my own seed."

Is that man wrong for feeling/believing that? If yes please explain and if no please explain.

(PLEASE leave emotions out of answering this question. Only go by wisdom and understanding)

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    I have two kids, the oldest one is 12 yrs old and my youngest is 1 yr old.

    My oldest son has his step dad which is my husband which is the biological dad of my 1 yr old.

    My oldest son and husband always have arguments and dont seem to understand each other even thought they do care about one another. Its like this, it all depends on the situation and family, how old the kids are (the younger the better to raise as your own, the older the worst it is). It also has to do with the kids biological father how well its the relationship with the mother and if the guy its not a pain. So putting emotions a side, it is normal to feel more in touch with your child than a step children but if you raise your step children since they are babies, you might feel a stronger bond with your step children. Its best to avoid a woman with kids whom are in their school ages and teen years with drama, it will probably be a headache and you want to avoid this. If you feel the way you feel its best to meet someone with no kids and have your own or raise a little one whom is less than 1 year old (of course with no side problems of her ex and babies father involved).

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    Well he's just expressing how he feels. As long as he doesn't make an obvious difference between his biological kids and the other kids then it should be okay. But he should make it a point to understand his girlfriend's kids- the fact that they have personalities, feelings; that they're actual human beings and not just lump them together or label them.

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    It is hard but not impossible.

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