How much internet speed do I need?

just curious

assuming that I have a file hosting website

how much download/upload speed to i need?


For example sites like



and stuff

Update 2:

For full speed

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    I would reckon at least 512kbps for the upload and download speed. It also depends on the file size that you want to upload to the file hosting website. If you are going to upload a big size file, ie. 100Mb, then you will take forever to upload with low speed..

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    8 years ago

    If you are hosting a file hosting website, then your download speed doesn't really matter. There's nothing that you are downloading, rather, its the exact opposite, as people will be downloading from you. Therefore, you need as much upload speed as you can get. Sites like the ones you mentioned probably have 100 Mbps upload speeds or more.

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