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difference between not breastfeeding?

Sadly I cant breastfeed my baby, who is due in march, due to a medial condition :( I have to bottle feed, but i heard when you bottle feed you have alot of dirty nappies every day but breastfeeding you only have one dirty nappy every couple of days? Is this true? and since i have to bottlefeed will i have lots of dirty nappies daily? Thanks!

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    I'm sorry for the loss, but don't beat yourself up. If you can't, you can't. In the beginning the breastfed baby poops as often as the formula fed, then it eases off. The only real difference between the two are that the breastfed baby's poop doesn't stain and doesn't stink as badly. Though I never had a problem with either, just used oxyclean if the diaper leaked.

    You're getting some... fear-mongering here and I don't think it's helpful. Yes, breast is best, there's real reasons why. But your baby isn't going to be more sick, screaming all day, and a little beast because of formula. Most of the benefits that they find are more correlations, and when things are looked at evenly the benefits tend to trickle down and away. There are some, like an increased bowel health, it's definitely a greener choice, and breastfed babies grow slower (ie, are less likely to pack on pounds which is unhealthy) that are very real. But others are far less real.

    There is a theory that formula fed babies get fewer immunities from their mom, however there's studies showing that they don't get sick any more frequently than breastfed babies. Ear infections tend to be when a formula fed baby is fed while they lay flat, you want to sit the baby up more so it doesn't pool behind the ear. When everything is equal though, there's studies that have shown that they don't get sick any more frequently. What do I mean by equal? Well usually a formula fed baby is going to be fed by other people, they're not always going to make sure the formula is sterilized, and they're more likely to be in a daycare than a breastfed baby. All of these increase risk for disease. However, long-term health effects are far more iffy and less supported.

    They do not get more gassy and colicky, that happens with both breastfed and formula fed babies. The only difference is that when it happens with breastfeeding then the mom is typically told to try elimination diets to figure out what might be causing it while formula feeding moms are stuck with whatever formula we have access to. Babies typically grow out of colic, no matter what they are fed.

    Studies have shown they don't sleep any longer at night than breastfed babies, and are as easily roused. Well, actually the spin is that breastfed babies sleep just as well. (See 3rd link)

    There are studies that have shown that breastfed babies are no safer from SIDS as formula fed. The studies where it was shown there was a significant difference did not take other factors into consideration (for instance, a breastfeeding mom is more likely to have the baby close to her at night so that she can breastfeed the baby back to sleep. Cosleeping has a proven lessening effect.) There is the possibility that breastfeeding develops a baby's jaw muscles, but I've heard very little of anyone exploring that. (See fourth and fifth link discussing SIDS)

    Don't take any of the "breastfeeding makes your baby safe from everything and smarter to boot!" type information without double-checking the study and to see if anyone has refuted or challenged it. This blog has a lot of links to a lot of different studies, ones that refute some of the claims and also others that are often misquoted. I'm a big believer that much of the 'better health' 'more intelligent' and other differences are more from behavior than from what they're fed. They've never done studies where moms are told to feed baby this bottle (without knowing what's in it) or have a feeding system set up so they don't know if baby is getting the milk from the breast or milk from a tube. There are so many behaviors in breastfeeding you can emulate and that are healthy.

    For instance, make the decision now to never let your baby hold the bottle. Treat it as a surrogate breast and hold it close to your breasts when feeding. Sit your baby up, don't lay him/her flat. Eventually, when you introduce water and juices and milk, put those things in a sipper cup and keep the formula for the bottles, and make the baby sit on your lap and not be allowed to hold the bottle. The result is they normally wean themselves, they're safer from ear-infections, safer from baby-teeth rot, and they get that very important physical contact, talking, kissing, looking in the eyes, that breastfed babies normally get (and that are proven to have health and mental benefits.) Encourage others who may bottlefeed to coo, talk in a higher 'mommy-like' voice (babies are mentally tuned into a higher voice...) and interact while baby feeds. Use that time. Keep the baby in your room and snuggle the baby in close when bottlefeeding, like you would if breastfeeding. Nurse your baby on the bottle.

    If this isn't a choice of yours then don't beat yourself up about it. Babies can and do as well on formula. It's more about the mother and how you love your baby than what you feed them for a year or two.

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    Nope, not true. When I was giving my son expressed breastmilk in the beginning, he was having what I call a "poop-splosion" after every bottle because it was transitional milk and the colostrum makes babies go a lot. With formula, he started pooping every 4 days. I do know that the pooping slows down later w/their pooping after a certain amount of time on breastmilk, and it really varies with formula fed babies. I will say that breastmilk poop is less stinky than formula, and what formula your little one can handle will affect what the poop is like. Don't let that other woman scare you either; I know it is sad when you find that you cannot breastfeed but formula is not evil. My son is thriving on formula and has never been sick actually.

    Source(s): Experience as a mommy who gave breastmilk in the beginning then switched to formula
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  • Katie
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    8 years ago

    Good god Jenna, are you trying to scare this poor woman? She said she can't breast feed for medical reasons, don't make her feel bad about that!

    Ash, my son is mix fed (breast & formula) since 1 month, he was breast only for the 1st month. First week I guess, he did a few poops a day, then it slowed and he would do one every 2nd day. Since about 3 months now, he has been doing one a day, most days at least. Some times he may skip a day though.

    I didn't really notice any difference in smell or look of his poo when I introduced formula, but some people say they do.

    Don't let anyone make you feel bad about not breast feeding, its not like you don't want to. Besides, if formula was not good for babies, they would not be allowed to sell it legally.

    Congratz and good luck with your pregnancy and impending birth xoxox

    Source(s): New mum to 5 month old baby boy.
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  • 8 years ago

    In the beginning breastfed babies poop frequently, but it slows down a lot. Its not uncommon for them to go every couple of days. Formula fed babies poop more and it smells because there are more things in it that the baby can't use in their body, so it comes out as waste.

    Formula fed babies have less immunities, so they get sick more and have more ear infections.

    They are gassy and "colicky"

    They sleep for longer stretches at nights and are harder to arouse from sleep, which makes them at a higher risk for SIDS.

    If breastfeeding is an impossibility for you, you could try a milk bank, where women donate breastmilk.

    The health concerns related to using formula are much worse than just more poop.

    What is your health condition? Maybe you could work around it?

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  • Megan
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    8 years ago

    My baby is breastfed and the first several weeks she would poop at least 3 times a day. Now it's just once a day. And it's very wet poop. Loud too.

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  • Ellen
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    8 years ago

    No, it's not true.

    It is rare to have a medical condition that contraindicates breastfeeding, although many women are told that their medication is contraindicated. If you are interested, you might consider working with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or a breastfeeding medical specialist (doctor) who might be able to give you more accurate information.

    Source(s): hospital IBCLC and mothers' group leader 20+ years mom to 3
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no its not true. what you hear is its normal for them to go a few days without pooping...but it doesnt mean they will...

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