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longboard bearing help?

i have a longboard with abec 5 in it and i have 4 abec 7 lying around, and i was wondering if i could put the 7 in front wheels and 5 in back or other way round. would this work and what is the best way to o it.

also can i use bike chain lub on my bearings. thanks

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    ABEC ratings are meaningless for boards or skates. It is a vibration standard for industrial machinery that is spinning at speeds that would be around 200 mph on your board. The main use is marketing hype.

    Neither bearing will be significantly faster and the biggest factor in their speed will be the lubricant in the bearing. Very little is needed.

    Almost any lube will work well, as long as you use an appropriate amount. The big issue is viscosity.

    If you use something very viscous like grease and you put in a lot, you have to put more effort into moving it around inside the bearings.

    A drop of oil or a few pin head sized bits of grease (if you put it in the center of the race) are all you need.

  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago

    The abec scale as no relevance when it comes to skateboarding/longboarding. TriFlow will work in the bearings, but you should clean them acetone first.

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    Whatever ABEC it is doesnt matter so you could do that just never lube your bearings with WD40

  • Uchiha
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    8 years ago

    If the lube is triflow yeah you can use that. Put the bearings that are faster in the back I guess.. I do not think that it will make a difference.

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