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Red jewel chichid in tap tap fish ?

What fish do I breed to get the red jewel chichilid

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  • Gary C
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    8 years ago
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    I don't know what "tap tap fish" means ("tap tap" is Haitian slang for a cheap taxicab), but the answer to your second question is that the red jewel cichlid is a natural species, or rather several related species. The jewel cichlids belong to the genus Hemichromis, and the one most often called the Red Jewel is Hemichromis lifalili (there's been some debate about this identification, but certainly if you see a Red Jewel in an aquarium shop with a scientific name on it, it will be lifalili). You will see several other Hemichromis species (Jewel Cichlids) in the aquarium trade, too. They are all native to Africa; mainly west and central Africa. They are NOT Rift Lake cichlids from east Africa, which is what many people mean when they say "African Cichlids," and Jewels do not need the hard, high-pH water favored by Rift Lake cichlids. Also unlike most of the Rift Lake cichlids, Jewel Cichlids are substrate spawners, not mouthbrooders.

    So to get Red Jewel Cichilds, you just have to get a pair of Red Jewel Cichlids and let them breed. Most often, this is accomplished by getting a group (6 to 10 individuals) of juvenile Red Jewels and letting them pair off as they mature. Once you have one or more pairs, you sell off any "extras."

    These fish are very aggressive in defending their territories, especially when it is breeding, and they can sometimes be rough on each other during the "courtship" phase, but once they have formed a pair and spawned, they are usually very good parents, caring for their young until the babies are relatively large.

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