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YWWE>BVW>mwwe asked in SportsWrestling · 8 years ago

YWWE Smackdown pick winners and rate matches and show?

GM- Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Champion- Chris Jericho

United States Champion- Christian

Cruiserweight Champion- Justin Gabriel

Diva's Champion- Natalya

WWE Tag Team Champions- Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho comes to the ring. He says he was ignored for months, only to be put in matches against Eddie Guerrero every no and then. Despite being the best in the world at what he does, he never got a title shot. Until last Sunday at Armegeddon. He fought some large men. Large men like Big Show, Brock Lesnar and Batista. He also took on two of the greatest in ring performers ever, Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero. But he proved why he is the best in the world at what he does and finally became World Heavyweight Champion. And tonight we will find out who is opponent at TLC will be. At TLC he will face the winner of the battle royal being held tonight in a chairs match. Who will win? Who knows? Who cares? Jericho is the best in the world at what he does. WWE Champions Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mcintyre come to the ring. Ziggler asks Jericho who will face him at TLC. Ziggler knows. Before Ziggler can say anything, McIntyre takes the mic and says he will win. Ziggler stands there looking shocked. Ziggler then says he ment him. He was going to win. And then he would defeat Jericho at TLC. Bryan Danielson & Kaval come out and Danielson congradulates Ziggler and McIntyre on retaining against them. Kaval adds that they wouldve won if Batista hadn't almost broke his back.Danielson says Kaval and himself will be gunning for those titles again, but as for tonight one of them will win the battle royal. Batista's music hits and he comes out and beats down Kaval. Danielson trys to help but is beat by Ziggler nd McIntyre as Jericho makes a safe exit

1. John Morrison v Jack Swagger

Post Match- Tyson Kidd comes out and talks about how he pulled an upset over Morrison a few weeks ago. He says he was going to go after the US title next but he wants to show everyone his win wasnt a fluke first. Next week Morrison vs Kidd for a shot at the US title

2. Justin Gabriel v Yoshi Tatsu

3. Eli Cottonwood v Generation Me

4. Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero & Big Show v Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho & Batista

5. Dolph Ziggler v Drew McIntyre v Bryan Danielson v Kaval v Desmond Wolfe v Matt Morgan v Muhammed Hassan v British Bulldog v Tyson Kidd v David Hart Smith v Percy Watson v Darren Young v Santino Marella v Kevin Thorn v Michael Tarver v JTG v Shad v Mr. Kennedy v Elijah Burke v Marquis Cor Von

Post Match- Jericho comes out and goes face to face with his new challenger as he raises the WHC above his head

for BA do the eliminations in the battle royal

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    Promo 1-9/10

    Match 1-winner John Morrison-8/10

    Post Match-8/10

    Match 2-winner Justin Gabriel-8/10

    Match 3-winners Generation Me-6/10

    Match 4-winners Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho & Batista-10/10

    Match 5-winner Bryan Danielson-8/10

    Matt Morgan eliminates Muhammed Hassan

    Desmond Wolfe eliminates Percy Watson

    Kevin Thorn eliminates Darren Young

    British Bulldog eliminates Michael Tarver

    Mr. Kennedy eliminates Santino Marella

    DH Smith eliminates JTG

    Shad eliminates Tyson Kidd

    Shad & DH Smith simultaneously eliminate each other

    Matt Morgan eliminates Marcuis Cor Von

    Elijah Burke eliminates Matt Morgan

    Bryan Danielson eliminates Elijah Burke

    British Bulldog eliminates Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

    Desmond Wolfe eliminates British Bulldog

    Kaval eliminates Kevin Thorn

    Desmond Wolfe eliminates Kaval

    Mr. Kennedy eliminates Desmond Wolfe

    Bryan Danielson eliminates Mr. Kennedy

    Post Match-9/10

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  • 8 years ago

    Segment 1-10/10

    Match 1-John Morrison 9/10

    Match 2-Justin Gabriel 7/10

    Match 3-Generation Me 6/10

    Match 4-Shawn Michael,Eddie Guerrero & Big Show 10/10

    match 5-


    1.marquis by Ziggler

    2.drew by D-Bryan

    3.Tyson by David Smith

    4.David Smith by JTG

    5.Santino and Kevin Thorn by Matt Morgan

    6.Elijah by Desmond Wolf

    7.Muhammed by Brittish Bulldog

    8.JTG by Matt Morgan

    9. michael Tarver by Percy watson

    10.Percy by Ziggler

    11.Kaval by Desmond wolf

    12.Shad by Desmond wolf

    13.Ziggler by Mr. Kennedy

    14.D-Bryan by Matt Morgan

    15.Desmond Wolf by Mr.Kenndy

    16.Matt Morgan by Brittish Bulldog

    17.Brittish Bulldog by Mr.Kennedy


    rate show 8/10

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  • janta
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    Promo a million(10/10) tournament a million-winner Tyson Kidd(9/10) submit tournament(10/10) tournament 2-winner Kaval(9/10) tournament 3-winner King Booker(8/10) submit tournament(10/10) tournament 4-winner Jack Swagger(10/10) tournament 5-winner Batista(10/10) submit tournament(10/10)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Great stuff.



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  • 8 years ago

    that's not wrestling

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