did vasco da gama have kids?

im doing a report on vasco da gama and i need to know if he had any kids. thanks

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    Da Gama and his wife, Catarina de Ataíde, had six sons and one daughter:

    Dom Francisco da Gama, 2nd Count of Vidigueira;

    Dom Estevão da Gama, 11th Governor of India (1540–1542);

    Dom Paulo da Gama;

    Dom Pedro da Silva da Gama;

    Dom Álvaro de Ataíde da Gama, Captain of Malacca;

    Dona Isabel de Ataíde da Gama

    Dom Cristovão da Gama, a martyr in Ethiopia.

    His male line issue became extinct in 1747, though the title went through female line.


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