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Is my zombie story good?

The first chapter is about the main character, Abigail, at 10 years old. She has to evacuate her home with her parents when people infected with S-FX5 (that's the zom virus in my story, these zombies are very fast and eventually mutate) start attacking the neighborhood. Her father and herself make it away in a police car, but her mother is eaten by zombies. Six years later, we resume at a safe village where Abigail lives with about 50-75 people. The youths there are taught to defend themselves and the Elders (adults who lived through the outbreak) make the rules. But one day when Abigail and some friends take a dangerous hunting trip in the forest, the safe village is overrun by zombies and all of the elders are killed. Abigail and a few other teens have to travel over a huge area of zom-infested wilderness to find a safe village they aren't even sure exists. Sound good? Tips?

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    That sound amazing so far tell me where your gonna publish it!The last part sounds like the hunger Games! I think it's a great idea! (:

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    Are you aware that the main character is usualy who the story is gear toward.

    Like the Golden Girls on tv was for the elderly market. and twilight was aimed at high school girls.

    As you have a 16 year old girl means your audience will probably be kids. I for one wouldnt want to read about some 16 year old and zombies.

    I find the plot predictable. Survivors escape and go build a safe haven. they get too comfortable and then when they least expect it zombies attack.

    and other survivros are looking for that long lost supposedly existing safe haven.

    come on... make it UNpredictable. throw in some twist s and turns that the read will NOT expect.

    The elder thing and the youth thing happening just 6 years later isnt reality. In 6 years time people are trying to REBUILD what they lost and we dont have that ELDER mentality. That is something of the past. Today we shun the elderly and place them in old folks homes and try to take all of their social security to cover the rising costs of medicare.

    as far as them making Rules. I doubt kids nowadays would even listen to someone older then them 'making the rules" because if their parents are gone and they are alone then they will be in HEAVEN except for the zombies.

    BE REAL! For kids it they will have to scavenge for their food and they will pick snack food! or anything loaded with sugar!

    anyone who is in control will be the bad kids! because they CAN! they will realize they have the power and the ELDERS cant back up what they say. THugs can!

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    I really like this idea A LOT A LOT A LOT!!!

    Seriously, I think you should totally write it!

    My only concern is that the plot sounds similar to that of a book called "The Forest of Hands and Teeth." Now, I personally haven't read this book, but I have looked into reading it (and I've read what it's about which is why I say that they sound similar). Just make sure before you start writing that your book isn't going to end up too closely to that of a fairly popular book (because I know that it involves zombies, people living in a safe village, and having to make it out of a forest, etc.).

    I hope you write a zombie story like this though! It sounds awesome!

    hope this helps!!! good luck!!! :)

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    Very nice. The only thing i can think of that you might want to add is where they heard of another village. You could also make it quite... whats the word? Philosophical? No... oh well as i was saying you could make it hard for her to kill zombies, because its like killing humans and she has to come to terms with the fact that they are not. Hope this helped.

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    When I saw the words zombie-story, I automatically thought "no", but this actually sounds pretty interesting:)

  • 9 years ago

    This book sounds amazing ! I would definitely read it ! I'm in love with The Walking Dead, so I'm excited about your story. Congratulations !

  • 9 years ago

    it sounds really really good!

    but there has to be a twist right?

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