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What's up with Sci-Fi?

Noticed in a lot of sci-fi films and TV shows like Terra Nova, writers seem to get the idea that Earth will become unihabitable for humans and animals or humans will go extinct. In the series aftermath it showed future earth in a different way. Forests that were once cut down had been restored, animals once endangered were commonplace, etc... granted statistics show what COULD happen... also it turns out the sun has enough energy to burn for years so the chances of it going supernova are unlikely.

Another thing in sci-fi is writers and such seem to think aliens are more advanced in technology when researchers at N.A.S.A. have said if aliens do exist they might be no more technolicly advanced than people or they could be behind. For instance in the Alpha Centuri galaxy, if a person turned on a TV or radio, said person would get TV and radio broadcasts from the 1970s.

Still though, what's with up that?

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  • 9 years ago
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    There's nothing wrong with any of this - remember that sci-fi writers are simply giving the public what they want. And doom, gloom and Armageddon are very popular themes these days. Of course, in reality there are probably far more planets with underdeveloped and unintelligent life than there are planets with super-advanced technocrats capable of leaping millions of light years in a second. But hey, this is sci-fi, we're here to exercise that all-favourite of mental muscles - our imagination.

    I think you might enjoy this sci-fi blog I found the other day. It's a refreshing change from all the high-tech alien race stuff. The aliens here aren't advanced at all. Anyway, the link's below if you're interested.

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  • sole
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    4 years ago

    so as... a million. celeb Wars Episode V: The Empire strikes decrease back (additionally my all time prominent action picture) 2. celeb Wars Episode IV: a sparkling desire 3. extraterrestrial beings 4. Predator 5. Mad Max 6. Mad Max II: the line Warrior 7. The Terminator 8. Alien 9. The Matrix 10. Terminator II: Judgment Day 11. The Omega guy 12. break out From ny 13. 2001: an area Odyssey 14. the component 15. The Abyss sixteen. Rollerball (unique) 17. celeb Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan 18. Planet Of The Apes (unique) 19. Logan's Run 20, Time After Time 21. close Encounters Of The 0.33 variety 22. celeb Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith 23. celeb Wars Episode VI: return Of The Jedi 24. Blade Runner 25. Lifeforce 26. Robocop 27. Equilibrium 28. The Philadelphia test 29. Independence Day 30. Pitch Black 31. Jurassic Park 32. celeb Trek 33. Trancers 34. the terrific Countdown 35. The Quiet Earth 36, Outland 37. No break out 38. Westworld 39. Avatar 40. Pandorum 40-one. dying Race 2000 40 two. Colossus: The Forbin undertaking 40 3. Tron 40 4. conflict Of The Worlds (unique) 40 5. Vampire Hunter D (the main appropriate character is my avatar) 40 six. night Of The Comet 40 seven. Stargate 40 8. conflict previous the celebs 40 9. Timerider 50. Saturn 3 i admire Sci-Fi BA a million. celeb Wars 2. celeb Trek 3. Terminator 4. extraterrestrial beings 5. Mad Max

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  • 9 years ago

    What's up with what?

    With Sci-Fi, anything can happen. That's the beauty of it. We might be the only sentient beings in the Universe, or we might be the most advanced and most likely to destroy other life forms.

    It's all speculative. And by the way, our Sun will never go supernova. It's not large enough. Simple Astronomy.

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  • 9 years ago

    Sci Fi stories aren't about depicting what the author believes definitely will happen: It's to set up a scenario for a story that happens within the confines of a possible future.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    youtube "ufo gateway to hell" you don't have to agree with it or anything but it spells out a very common image put out by hollywood. i think it's less conspiracy and more lazy writers/writers on strike.

    basically that humans evolved from slime and will continue to evolve onward and upward into gods (a very Victorian view of evolution) and that when we are ready the space brothers will allow us to join the federation it ties in with the whole ancient aliens thing that's so popular right now

    Source(s): i listen to alot of coast to coast am... well i used to that shows gone down hill alot lately. its pro wrestling for your mind
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