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How much exercise does an Alaskan Malamute need?

I live in a small house (3 bedroom, 3 floors) with quite a small garden (around 60 or 70 m^2)

I'm free basically all the time and i love going walking in the afternoon, morning, night, whenever really.

I could realistically walk for max 2 hours a day on week days and longer on weekends.

I enjoy a 2 hour walk on a saturday and a 4 to 5 hour walk on a sunday.

Since i'm free most of the time I also have plenty of time for play and training.

How much exercise do i need to give a Malamute considering these factors?

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    Alaskan Malamutes do have plenty of energy, but they are also quite adaptable. It sounds as if you have thought it through and could probably provide enough activity for your dog. In addition to exercise, AK mals also prefer to spend time with you, rather than being left home alone. If left indoors, they can be incredibly destructive to the house. Left outdoors, they dig holes, and are great escape artists. The mal I adopted came with a history of doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to furniture, carpets and drapes in her previous home. I never leave her at home. She just rides along in the car when I'm at work. She doesn't do anything harmful to the car, even when I have to park and leave her for awhile.( Honestly, I don't know why it's okay with her to be left in a car but not okay to be left at home.) It is also surprising to me how well she does in a house, as long as I'm there. I have a large yard for her, but she prefers to hang out with me at home. I do keep the house temperatures low, and wear warm clothing myself, to keep her comfortable. But I don't think you have to consider a mal to be strictly an outdoor dog. Their main concerns are a need for plenty of exercise and a desire to be with you.

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    Alaskan Malamute Exercise

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    Alaskan Malamuts are a wonderful breed,very rewarding and adictive.I have 5 and 2 Canadian Eskimo Dogs.Do your research,meet potential breeders ensure that any puppies are from health tested parents ie a mean hip score of 13 or below and clear of congenital cateracts.They are not the easiest of breeds,need a firm but loving hand.There are issues with some mals from aggression,usually due to poor socialisation and BYB who sadly haven't got a clue.Maybe visit a dog show in your area and speak to some owners.Sadly its at the end of the working season,so most of the rallies are over,but again a good place to met Mally owners.There are also back packing titles to try for - visit the AMCUK or AMWA websites.Remember not to over exercise a young pup - 5 mins per month of age to start with,and never exercise in the heat of a hot summers day - watch the humidity..My Mals have a couple of walks a day about 45 - 60 mins and live happily with my 2 cats.But yes they do have a high prey drive.Also consider a rescue Mal see AMCUK Rescue. Girls blow their coats usually twice a year normally prior to a season.Boys tend to blow less but a good groom once a week snould keep it in check. Hope this helps.Jude.

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    The reason some ppl think males are best and others think females are best is because of their own personal experiences, not because of any scientific data. It's all going to even out in the long run, because each and every dog is an individual. Yes, there are some breed related traits, but nothing that is guaranteed in any one particular dog. For most malamutes, if they are getting exercise, love, good food, and all the comforts of a good home, they're going to be great dogs. Watch out for dog aggression, tho. (I'm just sayin'.)

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  • Moi
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    At LEAST twice a day. He'll need somewhere where he can run around a lot and preferably chase things/play fetch in addition to the walks (A dog park would be great) because he cannot stay cooped up in a small yard/house all day. They have a lot of energy and are very intelligent. They'll quickly get bored and destructive if they aren't stimulated enough. Be sure that he has lots of new toys and things to do between walks.

    Good luck~

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    IMO your Malamute would not be happy with your living situation. They are not really inside dogs year round and do like a LOT of outside time. Considering they were bred for sled pulling and spending hours and days outside running, you may not be able to keep them happy.

    I think I'd choose a different breed/dog to live with you. And Malamutes can be pretty dominate dogs too - hard to train if you have little experience with them.

  • Kath
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    8 years ago

    It's a pure working dog, I doubt that's enough. If you'd go on some jogs several times a week and let it do what it was bred to do: pulling, it could perhaps work out that way.

    They really do need to work.

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    You should not walk them, you should RUN them. The need to work, and have a job to do. Maybe malamute is not right for you.

  • Anonymous
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    A LOT. This is a very active breed. But sounds like you have time. Good luck!

    Source(s): Owner of two greyhounds.
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    about 6 hours at least

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