Are melodies (with no lyrics) haram in Islam ?

I'm a Muslim and I love god dearly,but I was wondering if listening to melodies and jingles (without lyrics) is haram?(I would prefer an answer from an experienced Muslim)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Assalam o Alaikum dear sister in faith and humanity,

    i hope u are fine and in good healths.

    MUSIC is HARAM in islam

    i wish to share the following beneficial links in order that u may read and act according to the knowledge gained. insha'Allah

    A Poem for u:

    Can we compare the words of singers and sounds of Musicians,

    To the Glorious Quran, its lessons, wisdoms and admonitions?

    How many singers do you know and give admiration,

    And how many do you know of the companions and the following generation?

    How much do you spend on singers from your dollars?

    Compared to how much you know of Islamic Scholars.

    Do you see how much is memorized of Music songs?

    While you ignore the book to which memorization belongs?

    How much do you memorize of these incantations?

    And swayed back and forth in intoxication?

    Have you not seen those who follow the misguided?

    And increase the loudness of the Music, when they should hide it?

    And who writes their songs? Thinkers, or men of academia?

    Or maybe scholars, like Ahmad, Malik or maybe ibn Taymiyah.

    Oh you who listen to music

    Don't you see that all the songs of the world and all the lyrics you've seen,

    Wouldn't compare in reward to Alif Laam Meem

    Lecture called "The End of Music" by Kamal El-Makki (download and listen from

    Source(s): Music in Islam-- Nouman Ali Khan and Kamal El Mekki! Shaykh Muhammad Al Arifi - Music and Death The Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing
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    9 years ago

    Those Muslims who are against music will tell you that the melody is haraam, but the vocals are okay.

    The Qur'an does not forbid it.

    Some hadiths do suggest music/melody is haraam, but those are weak.

  • 9 years ago

    As long as there is nothing vulgar about the music and it doesn't promote doing haram things then it is fine.

    Source(s): I'm muslim
  • 9 years ago

    From my understanding, simple music is fine. like pianos, or flute, but alone. From my understanding, things like Jazz are forbidden, but simple music is fine.

    Source(s): I've been muslim
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