6 planets in capricorn?

sun capricorn in house 2

moon capricorn in house 2

mercury capricorn in house 2

saturn capricorn in house 2

uranus capricorn in house 2

neptune capricorn in house 2

help what does that say about me?


Don't mind my English ill write all the rest of the planets because i dont know what uprising is sry.

it goes main sign is capricorn, under sign is scorpio.

year of birth sun

hour sun

south knot: lion 9 house

north knot: aquarius 3 house

chiron: cancer 8 house

lilth: scorpio 12 house

venus: Aquarius in house 3

mars: sagittarius house 1

jupiter cancer house 8

pluto scorpio house 12

true node: aquarius house 3

ascendant: scorpio

2nd house: sagittarius

3rd house: aquarius

imum coeli: pisces

5th house: aries

6th house: taurus

descendant: taurus

8th house: gemini

9th house: leo

medium coeli:virgo

11th house: libra

12th house scorpio

thats all

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  • 9 years ago
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    First off... every Cap born around the two year period you were born (1989 to 1991) has a lot of Cap. Uranus & Neptune were in Cap for several years and Saturn was there for two years at that time... Add in that it is common for a Sun to have a similar Mercury and/or Venus...

    All the effects depend upon the actual degrees involved and which planets are conjunct, but with 6 planets in one sign you will nevertheless be very focused. That combo (3 or more planets in one sign) is called a Stellium. It can indicate a fairly complex individual, depending upon the exact aspects between them, and all the other planets too... This is NOT something you can easily analyze. Do not bother with online astrology readings. Go to a good astrologer and get it looked over.

    Are you Aquarius or Pisces Rising?

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  • 9 years ago

    Because all these planets are in capricorn, saturn (capricorns ruler) is really important for you. It's in your second house, take a look at this description:

    when well-aspected, it brings money by inheritance and ability to increase it by present economy, careful, conservative investments and similar methods. Some of the very wealthiest of the world's financiers have had Saturn in this position.

    They obtain the money wherewith to start from ancestors indicated by Saturn and from the saturnine ray in this house they derive the business acumen and far-sighted methods that enable them not only to hold their own as so many do whose wealth comes through Saturn but also to increase the inherited estate. If Saturn is weak or afflicted, however, the life is sure to be passed in poverty.

    Look at the aspects made by the other planets to saturn, this has some meaning too, look at venus and pluto for example. Which aspects do they make (if any) to saturn?

    Ascendant is also important in the natal chart, so don't only look at saturns position.

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    9 years ago

    Woooow ^^ I guess it makes you very ambitious,materialistic,strong,stable and determinate person,money and security is something that is really important for you,your chart is really interesting ^^

    Source(s): Leo
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  • 9 years ago


    You're one ambitious cookie o_o.

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