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how to boost immunity?

My Chihuahua didn't have the best start to life. he had distemper as a puppy which he survived and in my ignorance i was feeding him commercial dog food while my family spoilt him with leftovers, cookies and anything we were eating. he has skin allergies, deviated patella and now cataracts in both eyes.

starting las year (after being told by various people the huge mistakes i've been making with his diet) i've changed his diet to a healthy mix of organic high grade dog food supplemented with real meat, pureed vegetables with a dog vitamin supplement.

at first he was loosing weight and i thought it was a good sign but now he's having problems with eye and ear infections, his skin allergies haven't improved at all and he's lost alot more weight then i was aiming for. i've increased his food but he's not been gaining anything back.

i'm wondering what i should be doing, or what else i can do to boost his immunity. he's 8 years old now and i want him to live a healthy happy life for several more years yet...

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    The first place to start when dealing with these many problems, is a full blood test. This should show if the organs are working within the normal range. What you are seeing I'm sure has absolutely nothing to do with the diet he is currently on, however I would definitely forgo using a vitamin supplement. You can overdo vitamins, and a good quality kibble has all your dog needs.

    There is also no reason to add all the other foods you are using either, your dogs body will only assimilate what it needs and throwing off the extra is hard on a dog with a compromised immune system. Just stick with the good kibble, get some blood work done, and take it from there. The blood work will probably show what is going on inside. His problems could be related to the extras you are feeding. I would make sure the quality kibble is grain-free too.

    Source(s): K9Kitchen, Your Dogs Diet, The Truth Behind the Hype, Monica Segal, AHCW
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    4 years ago

    Well, the immune system is a really important thing, in my microbio class, the professor was really excited when he got to the immune system section. The immune system is what kills any foreign pathogen like bacteria, virus, and funguses. when it's weak or doesn't work properly, u get sick. People don't die from flu, as the flu weakens ur immune system, what actually kills u when u get the flu is the secondary infection that follows which is usually pneumonia. a virus attacks and then a bacteria gang bangs on the immune system = x__X if u don't get treatment for the pneumonia infection. Before antibiotics, people used forms of silver as it has antimicrobial properties. that is why you hear about silverware, which rich people could afford back then hence the rich survived the bubonic plague while the poor did not. soldiers in the civil war added real silver coins into a jug of milk to delay spoilage. There's a solution called colloidal silver which boosts the immune system and has antimicrobial properties and the interest in silver has gone up since it can get rid of MRSA while antibiotics are meeting resistance. How do you know? well if you had allergies everyday in the morning and u have less or none anymore, then that's one way. memory cells and killer T cells are abundant when there is an ongoing infection, an active one... i don't think you'll see an increase in these cells when u take probiotics or colloidal silver. Instead,the silver interacts more with the pathogens so a microscope would be a better way of measuring efficacy. To me... the idea that your immune system attacks you is ridiculous, i would rather want to think that the pathogens do a form of mimicry that causes the killer T cells to attack the cells. of course more research should be done... as for ur last question , this some type of opinion question? The human body is dynamic, it's either you're at your highest potential or you're at a weaker level. if you are thinking of a situation of when it doesn't work at all...then you'll be dead in no time by the common cold, buddy

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    I was told never to mix kibble and raw. A dog's stomach processes kibble much slower than raw and this can lead to problems. Pick one ( I'd say raw) and stick to it. Also check the ingredients label on the kibble. With allergies, you should be feeding no grains ,ie wheat, corn, or soy.

    Vaccinations can cause the problems you're having. Do some research on side effects, allergies, and vaccinations. Sick dogs should not be getting them anyway. Labels on vaccination vials say to only give to healthy animals, but most vets will vaccinate anyway. This puts the immune system into overdrive.

    You didn't say what veggies. They could be the problem.

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  • 9 years ago

    Your dog has so many health issues - what has your vet said? Has he been tested to pin point what is triggering the ear infections, eye problems and skin allergies?

    If you are not getting the answers you need from your vet, then ask for a referral to a specialist or to the nearest vet teaching hospital. We have Michigan State University in the state where we live, and I have never had a problem asking for a referral to see the specialists down there when my vet couldn't resolve a problem with one of my animals.

    What you are doing right now obviously isn't working - so perhaps you need to have a fresh set of eyes review your dogs medical records and do the necessary testing to help your dog over these problems.

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  • Alison
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    9 years ago

    What people think is good food ends up not being so good.

    My friends Shepherd has a hard time keeping weight on because he is so active. She even had doubled his food intake.

    She actually started feeding him Fromm dog food which is what I feed my dog. "Grain free" to find it can be tricky since they only sell it at certain pet stores so you would have to go to the Fromm website and see who sells it near you. Its also not expensive like Blue Buffalo.

    I would also talk to your vet and maybe research pet nutrition.

    I free feed kibble all day which is Fromm kibble, and give a little bit of wet food at night. As for wet food I mix it up a bit, Im not picky about what I buy. She always gets something different every night.

    Also like Mamabas said it also could be health issue going on that you are unaware of. Dogs who age do eat less, sometimes they gain weight do to being less active while some loose weight.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Don't blame it all on the food you've been feeding him!!

    I think what you need to do right now, is get him in for a full health check, blood work up etc.etc. I hate to suggest it, but weight loss can be a symptom of cancer, amongst other potentially serious conditions. Before you make any more adjustments to his feed, I think you need to know about his overall health.

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