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Alex Song: is he the best midfielder in the premier league?

9 assists in all competitions this season, and he is a holding midfielder, he is absolutely amazing.

Some say he is Cesc Fabregas and Patrick Viera rolled into one, and the lad is only 24 so he can only get better and better.

He can tackle, he can pass, he can run with the ball, he creates goals, he can score the odd goal, he can fill in at centre back.

I know people will say Silva or Mata, but lets say out of all the centre midfielders, Song is head and shoulders above the rest.

Update 2:

Silva is more of a forward or a second striker than a midfielder.... i am talking about more along the lines of centre midfielder like you the Paul Scholes, Roy Keanes, Patrick Vieras, those type of centre midfielders.

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    i understand what you mean by midfield, yes silva is more of a attacking mid or forward not a centre mid.

    well i would say song is currently on the best form of all centre mid's, i dont think modric can compare to him as modric isnt amazing, hes getting overrated by people, 40m bid when you can get fabregas for 34m. Alex song is definately best atm and the only person i can compare to him at the moment would be scott parker.

    For the best midfielder in premier league this season this could well be him or yaya toure

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    Please don't ever mention Roy "I break legs for fun" Keane the scumbag next to Scholes and Viera.

    Back to the point: He's not best CM (including AM and DM) - Silva (i for once agree with Saint Iker), Modric, Mata (although he IS a bit of a second striker), Wilshere (i know he's injured, but I think he's a wee better than Song), Yaya Toure.... But he IS very very good, and very under-rated.

    You said take out attacking midfielders, I still think Yaya Toure is better (he cam play DM, AM and even CF, but when he is in DM, he is better than Song in DM). I think Lucas Leiva contends with Song for second place, perhaps Parker too. And Essien and Ramires. There's plenty of talent, and Song is up there with them.

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    Goes to show the standard of the players in the PL

    Silva is not more of a forward/second striker, he is EXACTLY an attacking midfielder, he is the definition of it...

    Centre Midfielder is a specific role, you can't say Song is the best midfielder then say you meant centre midfielder

  • Best holding midfielder? Maybe although when fit I'd rather have Essien

    Best Midfielder? No chance, he's got nothing on Modric or Silva

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    i agree with you, silva and modric etc are attacking midfielders.

    i dont think essien is too good anymore even when fit

    alex song for me is best holding midfielder in the league but i dont think he will ever be a fabregas or viera

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    Sorry but a DM having assists doesnt mean he is a good DM. We all know there better defensive mids in the league.

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    He is a quality player that has helped Arsenal on too many occasions to mention.

    I'm sure that every Arsenal fan is glad that he's on their team and not playing against them.

    Enough said.


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    I think Lucas Modric is a better than him

    But he is one of the good midfielders to

  • Mata and Romeu is better by some distance.

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    no way, he isnt even the best holding midfielder, scott parker is far better

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