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Christmas is coming soon.It's time to decorate the Christmas tree.Although我現在已經不相信這世上有聖誕老人(Santa Claus),不過從學校和街景就能感覺到聖誕節已經來臨!以前小學都會擺放聖誕樹,然後同學在另外買聖誕飾品(Christmas ornament)來裝飾,每年老師固定都會發糖果給我們同學吃。聖誕節當天還會有幾個老師假扮成聖誕老人搖著鈴鐺來迎接我們,安親班也會舉辦聖誕晚會。同學也會互相交換禮物,有人送糖果,有人送文具,還有人送媽媽不要的皮包。每年聖誕節都過得非常開心!就算到了國中也一直持續著,學校還會舉辦校慶晚會,每次都會請歌手來唱歌和炒熱氣氛!雖然我們台北不會下雪,少了一些聖誕節的氣氛,不過我們還是會跟外國人一樣過聖誕節。那也祝老師有個美好的聖誕節!

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    To the teacher:

    Christmas is coming, time to decorate the Christmas tree, thoughI no longer believe in Santa Claus in this world, but the street from the school and can feel Christmas has arrived! Primary schoolwill be placed before the Christmas tree, and students in additionto buy Christmas ornaments to decorate, each teacher will sendfixed to our students to eat candy. On Christmas Day there will beseveral teachers posing as Santa Claus ringing bells to greet us,safety classes will be held in the pro-Christmas party. Studentswill exchange gifts, some people send candy, stationery wassent, there were not for her mother's purse. 'm Very happyChristmas all year! Even to the countries has been continued, the school will hold anniversary party, every time your singer to singand sizzling atmosphere! Although Taipei does not snow, a little something Christmas atmosphere, but we will talk to foreignersfor Christmas. I also wish the teachers had a wonderfulChristmas!

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    For teacher: Christmas day is drawing near, the decoration Christmas tree's time arrived, although I already no longer believed in this world to have Santa Claus, but from the school and the vista can feel that already approached to the Christmas day! The beforehand elementary school can place the Christmas tree, then schoolmate in other buys the Christmas accessories to decorate, every year teacher fixed can send the candy schoolmate to eat to us. Christmas day at the same day also will have several teachers to disguise as Santa Claus to swing the bell to greet us, An Qinban will also hold the christmas party. Schoolmate mutually will also exchange the gift, some people will deliver the candy, some people will deliver the stationery, but also some people will deliver the handbag which mother will not want. Every year Christmas day crosses happily! Even if arrived in the country also to continue, the school will also hold the school anniversary party, each time could ask the singer to sing and to fry the hot atmosphere! Although our Taibei will not snow, has been short some Christmas day's atmosphere, but we equally will cross the Christmas day with the foreigner. That also wishes teacher to have a happy Christmas day!

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