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What has this World come to?

Sadly, people these days are giving each other grief. They are unfortunately not working as much as they did back in the 1990s. People don't care anymore about life in general, they do not want to grow up. More and more people seem to be breaking the law, or at-least it feels that way. People aren't loving to their families as they used to. People don't go to places like McDonald's and Wal-Mart anymore unless they are rich or fortunate enough and need something. Not nearly as many kids (when I say kids, I mean), "Not kids like little kids, although they are included," it feels like high-schoolers are empty with less kids than they had in the 90s, 80s and 70s. I mean, Schools are letting kids use iPhones, Facebook and YouTube and computers instead of doing their homework. There are no jobs available, in-fact, many stores, whether it is grocery, drug stores, restaurants and camps not just all over the United States are closing, but also all around the World except in China. Family Love and Matters are increasingly becoming Apple, I mean, people are so busy on computers that they don't have time to see their Loved ones. What is going on with this World? What has this World come to? I think it is very tragic. Oh and people don't ever go to Church, although they haven't in years. What has the World come to?

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    I've notice this too. Im putting the blame on society and bad parenting. Parents aren't necessarily enforcing any types of moral or guidelines by which to raise their children by. Kids are growing askew from the norm with the new inventions introduced daily. Their parents are not much help either. I believe the majority of kids are adopting the ideas of their parents;they take in the good as well as the bad. With introductions such as Facebook,Youtube,and 9gag people are growing less accustomed to personal interactions with each other. The rise of these social networking websites have increased the vulgarity of many of these young adults.I also believe society has endorsed many of the new changes that are causing a radical change in many of these kids. We are living in a time where everything is demanded immediately that people have lost the patience to wait for a reward. Maybe its multi-billion dollar corporations that take the away much of the traditional aspects of a family and force each member to become fixated on some inanimate object. These false lives many people are living are not allow this newer generation to thrive as its predecessors did before them. I have faith however. Currently I attend high school and while I do notice what you have mentioned, I see students who take their schooling seriously,who love their parents, and who give back to their community. While the majority of students are texting and passing their lives by the active students are being taught the fundamentals to one day take over society. Those students will one day be some type of influential positions. They will be our next congressmen, lawyers, judges and would one day have the power to radically change society. Its up to them however. Don't take this to heart I'm not an adult yet but these are some of the observations I have stumbled across. Hope this helps a bit.=D

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    Japan's tsunami was once brought on through the earthquake, which is solely brought on through plates beneath the bottom relocating. Its no colossal deal :-) Also, the one motive they are saying 2012 is the top of the sector, is on account that the entire planets are going to line up. they are saying that allows you to make a gravitational change. PSH. liars. Finally, the earth is not spinning quicker. the whole thing will probably be ok. The international isnt coming to chaos- consider approximately it! those usual failures occur each yr. in our lifetime, the sector will NOT come to an finish. Hope this helped! :-)

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    Interestingly, people have been asking this question since the second generation of people capable of asking questions. Every generation thinks that the world is going to hell in a handbag. Luckily for us, after millions of years of the world going to hell, we're still here, and we've been able to accomplish quite a bit in the process.

    "The times they are a-changin.'

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    its come to ppl asking such q's on yahoo answers and thinking they're Confucius

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