What are the Differences between Life and culture in the USA compared to the UK?.?

What are the Differences between Life and culture in the USA compared to the UK?.

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  • lwhhow
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    9 years ago
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    Kind of a broad topic.....

    1. Size...USA c.3000x1000 miles....UK c.400x100mi.

    2. Population...USA c.310 million, UK...61 million.

    3. Climate and terrain....USA from tropical to arctic and all between....UK maritime continental throughout.

    4. Population diversity....Although the UK is a multi racial/ cosmopolitan society....and the USA is also, the USA has large historic ethnic/racial minorities (Africans, Hispanics), who together now make up 35-40% of the population.

    5. Government....The UK has a 'unitary system' with one Parliament of c.1000 members. The USA has a 'federal system' with a national Congress (despite the size of the country) of only 535.

    6. Despite it's population the USA still has lots of open room given it's size, so the majority of the USA population lives in single family housing with considerable land around, while in the UK most people live in a much more 'urban' setting together, with less extra land between them.

    7. The USA is the advanced country that tries to practice the most severe form of 'capitalism', it provides minimum services for it's citizens, while the UK although definitely 'capitalist' provides health care and some services (unemployment, public assistance, educational) to it's citizens.

    8. The USA constitution provides for it's citizens the right to keep arms and know weaponry to create a 'militia', but this has been taken as a right to 'bear arms' so the USA public is heavily armed with guns....the UK gave up it's militia and it's people generally don't bear firearms.

    9. The USA has way higher crime and violence due to the inequalities of pure capitalism, large ethnic/ racial minorities, and lots of weapons.

  • Susan
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    5 years ago

    There is racism all over the place; it isn't the 60's anymore. The South hasn't been defined by racism for over 40 years now. The cost of living is generally cheaper in the South, and the weather is warmer. Also, you don't have to be in the South to be a redneck. I live in North Carolina and there are no ranches and cowboys here, just farms and fields of tobacco and livestock. All mixed into into the urban landscape. I can tell you that my biology teacher is from Newcastle, and she says that it is so much greener here than over in the UK.

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