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Doing a report on LSD compared to other drugs?

I would like to know if LSD would be better or worse than some other random drugs. I don't know much about this stuff. So if you could just say its better or worse than so and so also so and so. THANKS

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    LSD is the least harmful out of all the illegal substances in fact its one of the least harmful things on the plant it causes no brain damage what so ever or any known impairments technically speaking LSD is less damaging then drinking a glass of water. So why is it illegal? well people are stupid and get cocky and see how meany hits they can do or doubt that one forth of a grain of salt will do nothing and increase the dosage and most commonly there not prepared for THE EXTREME MIND BLOWING EFFECTS of the drug resulting in a bad trip. its impossible to die from overdoes but you can get harmed from your actions LSD does not have any side effects unless you have a bad trip if you do it results in high paranoia or psychosis like behave yours that can last from one day after or forever. and because of that it it would be irresponsible to allow people do potently easily accumulate these things legally. sooo yea that's pretty much what i know about the safety of LSD don't trust the crap that Above The Influence says about LSD and Cannabis they cant really prove these things bad so they make allot of **** up about these two drugs just stay smart and know as much as you can about them and you can live a open minded and increased and happy of life

    Source(s): my extreme obsession with LSD and other Psychedelics
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