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Im 20 years old and in the Navy, I have fair credit and I need to finance 17000 on a car. Any ideas on a loan?

I have nfcu they denied me. The vehicle im buying books for 17000 but im only having to pay 3000 for it because it belongs to a friend. Im not an idiot ive known the man for years and the vehicle is a 1957 willys cj5 my dad and I restored and then sold shortly there after to take care of the family. If you want to look up the nada guide your self the auto maker is willys -kaiser. Anyway im using the other 14000 to pay off all my remaning debt except my wifes car. so its basically a car/consolidation loan. I need a good bank to approve this loan!

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    You are very unlikely to get a loan anywhere if your credit union turned you down.


    Thank you for your service to our country

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    You are trying to borrow 17K with the security of a vehicle that is a 1957 willys. -0- value as collateral.

    You are trying to get a 17k unsecured personal loan at 20 years old when you are already 14 k in debt.

    Not going to happen.

    Try NCU for just the 3k for the jeep.

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    NFCU is one of the best.

    It almost sounds like you have a little too much debt in your life.

    If NFCU turned you down, be assured any other "real" bank will turn you down also.

    Do not fall for the online loan scam.

    It is so easy to operate, a baby could do it.

    Pick up a book at the bookstore called by Dave Ramsey.

    Total Money Makeover.

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