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Abdominal pain, 8 months!?

Ive had a scan done they didnt find anything, nothing wrong with my bloods, ive been reffered to a surgeon whos sent me for a breath test which im yet to have.

I have previously had a cracked rib the pain is a bit higher on the same side?

Any idea what this is?


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    Was it really a cracked rib or just badly bruised?

    Anyway the first thing that springs to mind is damaged intercostal muscle.

    The intercostal muscles are like cushions between the ribs and are usually the cause of many, what doctors call "phantom pains" (no explanation) but they can be very hard to detect and don't show up too well on xrays you may need an MRI scan so if your next test doesn't produce anything positive you should suggest having an MRI scan which is so much more detailed than an xray.

    If it is an intercostal then you will probably be given anti inflamatory drugs or creams, but for now you could try a hot water bottle held to the effected side for some relief of pain.

    Hope this helps

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    Could be braxton hicks wherein case consuming water and replacing positions - running, sitting or laying down will aid. Time them so u understand they don't seem to be growing in frequency and length. You would even be dehydrated and feature a irritable uterus for the reason that of that. Drink lots of beverages. If the agony is wherein ur kidneys are and u have the urge to pee and burning sensation then it may be UTI too. If it does now not depart name your nurse and provide an explanation for what the indicators are and what style of agony it's and wherein and so they possibly ready to aid. Don't fear, a number of the instances the ones aches and pains are more commonly for the reason that of the overstretched muscle tissues or little one laying in a nerve and can depart.

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