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Looking for paddles(stand up paddle boarding)?

how do you choose paddle board paddles for women?

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    The primary difference is that women's boards and paddles are lighter. They may use more carbon fiber to save weight. This makes women's equipment more expensive. The "Peconic Paddler" has women specific boards that I think run around $1,600. I recommend a softops board that is comfortable and durable but it is heavy. I got one used on Craigs list. The most important thing is to get out and have fun!!

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    When it comes to stand up paddle boarding equipment, there is a slightly different focus for women compared to gears for men.

    Generally, women are smaller in terms of size and height, and have less muscle mass. The right paddleboarding gear should be light-weight and sized right for easy maneuverability. For lighter SUP paddle choice that offers smooth and excellent performance, carbon fiber paddles are your best bet.

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