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VMI transfer to West Point?

I was wondering, if you have a ROTC scholarship (full ride, or 3 year etc.) to VMI, and you all ready completed a year at VMI, would you have to pay for that year if you transfer to WP next year? Is there partial payments, or does the Army pick up the tab?

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    A Scholarship Rotc Cadet who earns an appointment to West Point does not have to pay for the year(s) he was on ROTC Scholarship, even if he earns the appointment to West Point in his 4th year on Rotc Scholarship. In fact, a Scholarship Rotc Cadet can quit Rotc prior to the beginning of the Sophomore year and owe the Army nothing. A West Point Cadet can leave West Point prior to the start of Junior year and owe the Army nothing. If a guy is contemplating seeking an appointment to West Point, he can also enroll in a military junior college as an ECP Cadet on Rotc Scholarship in their service academy prep program and compete for an appointment to West Point up until commissioning at the end of sophomore year.

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