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What is Army basic training like?

What are the positives and negatives of Army basic training?

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    It's a lot of hard work and there is a lot of yelling, push ups, running, etc. They will make you do things that you know you can't do and after you do it, it leaves a huge amount of pride and self worth. In the beginning, you go in scared, nervous, and weak (whether you think you are or not.) You will hate your drill seargents, I promise you that but at the end, you can look at them and realize why they did what they did and didn't do what they didn't do. Honestly, it's an amazing feeling to come out a better person than when you went in. Although the lessons learned and the methods used seem strange at the time, as you get older you will find yourself using a lot of the priciples in everyday life. Responsiblity, teamwork and self sacrifice for the greater good are probably the three most important ones. Also you will learn that it's ok to put the blame of almost anything on yourself and stop trying to find everyone else at fault for stuff. Well worth it, in my opinion. Marine Corp. groupies will tell you it's easy, and maybe compared to Lejune, it is. But compared to anything else in life you encounter, it's far from easy. And always remember M.A.R.I.N.E.S. = Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential.

    Source(s): Ft. Knox, Aug-Nov 1996. Now, at 33 years old and over 10 years out of the service, I would do it all again if I could. And the stress cards never existed.
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    Now, basic is the easiest thing in the military. I will go out on a limb and say Air Force basic is harder than that of the Army's. I'm an NCO and I can tell the new privates showing up the unit lack discipline due to basic being so easy. I think they should take it back old school to what basic was when I went thru, but some general thought it would make a "warrior" of a civilian if they went thru a super easy basic training.

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    Positives: By the time you complete Basic Training (BT), you'll be in the best physical shape of your life. You will have developed confidence and done things you never thought you could do before. You will meet new friends during BT and some of those friends can develop into lifelong companionship. You will get a core knowledge on what the U.S. Army is all about.

    Negatives: You have to wake up EARLY (but you'll get use to it). You will engage in strenuous physical activities (running, marching 10 plus miles, sit ups, push ups, etc). You will eat whatever is available whether you like the food or not (hint: MREs). You will go through intense emotional cycles from fear, anger, anxiety, and sometimes depression (don't want to scare you, but it can happen). You can sustain an injury during training. Lastly, you will have to encounter with your Drill Sergeant EVERYDAY.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    it depends on what base your going to be going through basic training. Ft. Knox, and Ft. Benning are the hardest two basic trainings but both strictly male. Ft. Jacksonis known as the easiest but females also go there for their basic training. Ft. Lennorwood is another easy one. Your MOS and sex should help to decide which one your training will be at, not whether your reserves, national guard, or active you have a week of reception, then you go to your training company where for 8 wks you will wake up at five, conduct pt. chow (breakfast) train, lunch, (train, SGT's time) , dinner, hygiene and then lights out. for about 2-3weeks you will have ranges where you learn to fire and qualify with an M4/ M16 your last week will just be turning in equipment, family day, and your graduation I know through personal experience and my friends in the army.

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    Depends on the Branch and Individual.

    In General: Fighting. Physical. Strength. Stamina. Weaponry. Endurance. Weather. Climate. Terrain. Military Machines (Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Tanks). Food/Water Starvation. Parachuting. Swimming. Medical Rescue. Search and Rescue. Scenario (Building, House). Radio Communications. Technology.

    Socrates: "War is the fruit of evil".

    Source(s): US
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    Steady job, good housing, daily meals, free clothing ( plenty of other free stuff, like college education IF you seek higher education ).

    Get up early, get dressed quickly---and be prepared to do plenty of calisthenic exercises ( push-ups, jumping jacks, sit get the idea ). Oh...and be fit and ready to jog about a mile....or THREE.

    Physical preparation is suggested---but take heed: ANY U.S. military basic training WILL throw challenges at you. Good luck.

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    Well it's pretty much baby camp if you compare it to the Marines. Army basic now has all you can eat buffet (I swear, look it up cause i know you are saying no way as you're reading this). The drill instructiors are not allowed to yell at you so your Drill Instructor can not verbally abuse you cause they dont want to hurt your feelings. Apparently they got rid of the stress cards that let you guys take a break when ever you want during training. In other words Army=fail Marines=awesome.

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    I heard its cake. When my buddy went though earlier this year he could use his cell phones on weekends and stuff.

    It seems like Navy boot camp is harder (I'm assuming this from my experience with the Navy and his experience with the Army)

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    you have to get up early

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    Well they call it relaxin Jackson for a reason.

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