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How much does an ROTC scholarship pay?

Is it full tuition or is it a set amount? Also, what do you think makes a good applicant as far as grades, SAT scores and extracurriculars go? (For the four year scholarship)

Here is a simplified list of my high school grades etc:

All A's and B's Junior and Senior year of high school.

Graduated with an advanced regents diploma in business (took accounting, business law, marketing, personal finance and career and financial management.

Played on my school's soccer and track teams.

Cadet in Civil Air Patrol (may or may not get mitchell in time)

Held down a part time job for some of high school.

Dual Enrolled in my local community college to take college level math.

Took AP English and AP Physics during my senior year of high school.

Played guitar outside of school for over two years (probably won't matter).

Do you think I have a good chance at a four year scholarship?

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    It depends on which rots


    and the type of scholarship you earn.

    Army ROTC - 100% tuition, book fees and a monthly stipend starting at $300 a month for 1st year, going up to $500 for 4th year.


    type l - 100% tuition, plus book fee andstipend

    type ll - pays up to $18,000 per yar in tuition, plau books and stipend

    type 7 - pays tuition at the in state tuition rate IE: for public state universities, not private schools

    NROTC - same as army

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    All of those things will help you look better. The individuals who will decide if you whether you get a scholarship are looking for a well rounded individual... the "whole person." So if your grades are super good, but you do nothing else, then it's not going to look all too great. Same thing for the other way around.

    There are different levels of scholarships, I believe. There's some that pay for your tuition completely, and I think there are others. If you don't receive a four-year full ride one, there's still a chance you may receive a three or two year scholarship. Unfortunately, scholarships have become quiet rare in Air Force ROTC. Army still offers quite a few, I believe (you didn't specify in which branch you're interested). Also, the scholarships don't pay for housing or food or anything. Just tuition and books, I believe.

    I warn you... what I've said has to do with AFROTC, so if you're looking into NROTC or the Army's program, then things may be a little different.

    Good luck!

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    How much does an ROTC scholarship pay might help

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    It is a whole person evaluation similar to the service academies but Afrotc and Nrotc Navy Option also highly favor specific majors. Academics are now only 25% of the whole person score for Nrotc Scholarships; this allows a significant subjective element that allows the Navy and Marines want to diversify their officer corps to meet their needs.

    There is not detailed enough information given to guess at chances: Class Rank, Competitive level of High School, Sat or Act scores, Years on Track and Soccer teams, Varsity Letters, Team Captain, NHS, level of college Math(Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations etc.) Colleges named on the application. Each Battalion/Detachment is allotted so many scholarships which along with the number of applicants determines competitive conditions at that Battalion/Detachment.

    You could be very competitive for an Afrotc/Rotc/Nrotc Scholarship or a Service Academy Appointment or not so competitive.

    The deadline to apply for Afrotc Scholarships was December 1.

    Deadline for Nrotc is January 31. (Nrotc High School Scholarships can be applied for by college students with up to 30 semester units at time of applying if not already enrolled in the Nrotc College Program. Afrotc High School Scholarships cannot be applied for by students out of high school and enrolled in college.)

    Deadine for Rotc is around the 1st week in January.

    Deadline for Usafa is Dec 31.

    Deadline for Usna, Usafa is Jan 31.

    Nrotc and Rotc Scholarships pay full tuition or $10,000 per year for Room and Board. Afrotc do not pay full tuition.

    Nrotc Navy Option and Afrotc are overwhelmingly awarded to specific majors: Engineering, Math, Certain Sciences and Critical languages.

    Nrotc Marine Option and Afrotc are not awarded to specific majors.

    Nrotc Marine Option require a 1st class Marine PFT, 225 minimum. Few are awarded to applicants with less than a 280 PFT, the PFT required to commission as a Marine Officer.

    Afrotc Cadets, Scholarship and Non Scholarship have to compete for an Enrollment Allocation for the POC during the winter of Sophomore year. In 2011, 45% received an Enrollment Allocation allowing them to continue in Afrotc. It is supposed to go back up to around 65% in 2012.

    Nrotc Scholarship Midshipmen do not have to compete for Advanced Standing.

    Nrotc Marine Option Mids have to successfully complete "Bulldog" a six week OCS Course the summer after Junior year. This is why the PFT score is a critical factor when awarding the Nrotc Marine Option Scholarships.

    Rotc Cadets have to do well at LDAC the summer after junior year to compete for an active duty slot or will commission to the Army reserves or National Guard.

    Afrotc and Nrotc are not commissioning sources for the Navy, Marine, Air Force Reserves or the Air Guard.

    Good Understanding of Nrotc, Afrotc, Rotc by reading the information at the following links:

    Good Luck!

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