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Can you give a nursing dog mother medicine?

Can you give a nursing dog mother medicine?

My mom's dog just gave birth to puppies four weeks ago and they are still nursing of course but she's starting to get a fever, my mom was wondering if it was okay to give her a very small dose of medication to bring the fever down.

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    It's inappropriate tot ask US. CALL YOUR VET. We are not vets and we do NOT KNOW!

    SOME medicines are safe to give to a nursing mother, but others are NOT! Only your vet knows what you can give safely. If you give something that is not safe, you can kill the pups.

    If you want to ask a vet online, go to Marvista Vet website and you can chat with a vet by email. I've done it and the vets there are very nice about answering questions.


    I think the vet will also tell you that you NEED to take mama dog to the vet early tomorrow.


    I think the vet will tell you what you can do SAFELY for her fever.

    Make sure you tell the vet what other symptoms the mama dog has. That is important information that you failed to give us here. -!-

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    How do you know she has a fever?

    What is her temperature?

    You are aware that dogs run higher than humans, right?

    And NO, human medications do not always work the same on dogs. The only medication she should be taking is medication prescribed by a vet.

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    A fever in a nursing female should be seen by a vet. What was her temp? many people thing a dog's temp is the same as ours but it's 100 to 102.5 (that is the norm)

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    If she has a fever she needs a VET to determine the cause of it. Then the VET can prescribe the appropriate medicine. It could be an infection which needs anti-biotics.

    Source(s): experienced breeder
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    Has she been diagnosed?

    Dogs aren't like children or humans who can get a fever for the most minor problem. If they get a fever it can be a symptom of a serious disease, so see a vet before you start drugging her.

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    If she has an infection, then chances are it will also be in her milk and infect the entire litter. She needs a vet immediately. Allowing them to continue to nurse without knowing what's wrong with her could wipe out the entire litter

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    If her temp is above 101 degrees then she needs to be seen by a vet. She could be in the early stages of eclampsia. She needs to see a vet.

    Source(s): 30+ years breeding, training and competing with dogs.
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    human meds can kill dogs

    talk to breeding mentor or vet

    read notebook of research you made of breeding, pregnancy, labor, problems and care of pups

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