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Which computer is best price vs quality?

Ive decided to buy a new computer, however my budget is a bit short (should be no bigger than 600 euros). I've found two computers which i like (i mostly play games). One of them is better than the other, however more expensive (100 euros), and i would like to know if its worth it:

1st Option- 500 euros

Growing WK-I210

Intel Core i3 2100 (3,1 Ghz)

ATi 5450 1gb ded.



2nd Option- 600 euros


Intel Core i3-2100 (3,1 Ghz)


ATi 6450 1gb ded (DDR 5)




Thanks for your help, you have convinced me. im going for 1st option since the graphics are pretty much the same...(when it get too old, ill probably just upgrade it) I know the sistem is not a NASA computer, but it can run some recent games (inc. BF3 and Skyrim, just saw videos- of course in Low-Medium setting) and i really need to get rid of my old pc ASAP. (Just for a hint: 1,8 processor and Intel graphics -SUCKS)

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    get option 1.


    1. video cards are pretty much the same

    2. it has more ram

    3. most people don't need more than 1 TB

    4. they have the same CPU

    5. it's cheaper and similar/better than the other option.

    6. that video card and extra hard drive space is not worth the extra 100 euros.

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    If this is the only choice you have then the second one because the graphics card is better. You said you want to use it for gaming and it will run games better. But to be honest you can build a much better computer for those prices. Its easy you should learn to build. Go to a fourm like and have some onehelp you.

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    I would say the first option.

    If anything, i would upgrade the RAM and maybe the graphics card to the one in option to, but overall, not bad.

  • first option, and if you can upgrade the RAM on it, it costs about 10-15$ (Canadian) per GIG,

    usually computers can upgrade to either 8 or 16 gigs

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