Computer crashes randomly?

I tried multiple virus scans with AVG, Kaspersky. also scanned with malwarebytes all up to date, Scanned in safe mode and regular. Its virus free. I noticed there is some dust in the computer I cleaned the processor Fan, but some dust is unreachable. My pc is custom built I bought it off the internet Brand new. The pc has an i5 Intel processor, 1tb seagate hdd, Asus p7h55m PRO mother board, PS550 Power Supply, 12gb of Ram (3x 4gb sticks) and im running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I wanted to get some opinions on what you guys think is the problem. I do have 3 years of warranty but I wanted to see if I can fix it without having to ship it off. The computer is only 6months old.... 10 points for best answer


When The computer crashes White lines go threw the screen And a weird buzzing feedback sound comes from the speakers

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    Okay.... So you are not getting an actual error message when you receive the crash? This is strange for the most part. If you do receive a message, you need to figure out what it is telling you. BSOD's can be caused by a number of issues. To find out the message code and it's meaning, do the following:

    1. Turn the computer on

    2. Continuously press F8 for advanced boot options, before the Microsoft logo.

    3. Now you need to scroll down and press "Disable Automatic Reboot on System Failure."

    4. Now restart normally and when the PC crashes again, it will freeze.

    5. Write down the message code and restart into Safe Mode with Networking.

    6. Search online for a definition of the problem, and how to resolve it.

    If you are receiving BOOT problems, you either need the recovery/repair disk. Or the secondary option would be to wipe out the boot.ini file for Windows and rebuild it using the Fixboot parameter in the command line. Here is how to do this:

    1. Boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt

    2. When you are at the command line type:

    ATTRIB -H -R -S C:\Boot.ini

    DEL C:\Boot.ini

    Bootcfg /Rebuild


    ^^^ (Exactly how you see it) ^^^

    ATTRIB --- This applies attributes to files or sectors. In this case the "-" key removes them. -H removes the Hidden attribute. -R removes the Read-Only attribute. And -S removes the System use attribute.

    DEL C:\Boot.ini --- This will delete the Windows BOOT loader. Don't worry as Bootcfg /Rebuild will prepare to remake this entry.

    Fixboot --- This will fix all the BOOT sectors of Windows.

    If you think you need to reset Windows to default configuration from files being damaged or missing, here is how. Once Windows BOOTS successfully do this:

    1. Open the command line

    2. Type > MSIEXEC /i /fa

    3. The last step will start the Windows Installer, and replace and patch all system files.

    If the problem still persists after you have done everything above contact your manufacturer!

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    if you have messed with MSCONFIG, please go back into it and revert it to Normal Boot

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