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Please help me translate these Latin words? No Google Translate please.?


habēbit (I put 'he will have')

habitābunt (I put "they will have')

servābit (I put 'he will serve')





Tu (I put 'your')

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    I could give the translations, but instead I'll give you 2 reliable websites for Latin dictionaries. The perseus one is great because it says what person, number, tense, conjugation or if it's plural or singular. the whitaker one is cool because you also can do english to latin.

    Source(s): 2nd year taking latin.
  • 4 years ago

    a million. conveniebant = they have been assembly, have been amassing 2. duc?bam = i became maximum advantageous 3. dic?bat = S/he became saying 4. inveni?bamus = we've been looking 5. adveni?batis = i don't comprehend this one sorry 6. hab?bas = you (singular) have been having 7. audiebant = they have been listening to, have been listening to 8. bib?bamus = we've been eating 9. capi?batis = you (plural) have been taking wish this helped :)

  • Louis
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    dabit ( he will give )=dare

    habebit ( he will have )=habere

    Habitabunt ( they resided )=habitare. They will have ( habebunt )= habere

    Servabit ( he will conserve, save)= =servare. He will serve ( serviet )= servire

    iuvabunt ( they will help )=iuvare

    custodiet ( he will take care of )=custodire

    eris ( you will )=esse

    geres ( you will carry )=gerere

    Tu ( you, subject )

    te ( from him, by him )

  • 9 years ago


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