Home insurance, please help, dont know what to do?

Okay going to try to explain this as best as I can. Not to long ago we had wind and hail damage. Our insurance company refused to repair 100% of our roof. They did say that they would wave the deductable and fix part of the roof. They said they would give us x amount of dollars for the "actual cash value" and once the repairs were done we would send them the "bill" and they would give us the rest of the money to pay contractor. Then a couple weeks later we got a letter saying that they were not going to renew our policy, (this was second claim). They sent us a check for x amount of dollars, we tried to get ahold of the contractor to let him know, we couldnt get ahold of him. He would not return our calls. My husband order the shingles to replace what they would allow, then we paid a friend who and experiance to fix what was alloted. Now the insurance adjuster is wanting reciepts for the repairs. Well we have receipts for the shingles, but since we paid a friend to do it we do NOT have that reciept. We will no longer have insurance with this company fairly soon. We did NOT sign any paperwork, but i'm worried that since we didnt have contractor fix it they will demand some money back. Does anyone have any knowledge on this, or any suggestions on what to do. Please help, so tired of worrying about this.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You won't have to give any money back and they will generally give you some money if you repair the damage yourself. I would speak with the adjuster and be honest, you did not do anything wrong. I am going to repeat that, you did nothing wrong here, but you need to resolve it properly. You can take pictures of the replaced roof as evidence that the work was done, just don't try to make a profit from this situation.

    Next time, use a reputable contractor, not simply the person who offers you the lowest price. I'm sure your insurance agent (probably the adjuster too) could have recommended one. Get a certificate of insurance from that contractor (for a few reasons I won't go into here).

  • car253
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    8 years ago

    lCasey was absolutely correct. You should have no problem. If you do contact the Department of Insurance in your state for help. You might want to contact them anyways to help you get other insurance. That may not be easy with 2 claims. Unless absolutely necessary do not put in claims.

    You can try the 2nd link for insurance if you live in California. It is not a soliciation. It is for people that can not get insurance. Not the best policy but it helps.

  • 8 years ago

    You should contact your state's Department of Insurance. They usually will have a consumer affairs person who can take your complaint and offer a remedy. It seems strange that they would at first approve your claim and then deny. It really is weird.

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