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how can you tell if you have bad acne?

Basicully i have loads of spots on my back , preety disgusting right? and i cannot seem to get rid off them people say it is acne but am not sure. I have tried tclp and sudacrem on it but it dosent really seem to work:(, just millions of spots on my back and no were else. I slept at a mates house the other night and her foster parent washed my clothes and since then i have got rashes on my leg do you think this is what going on my back? ,, i dont even no how to get rid off them ... please help meeeeee!xx


Its Itchy:(

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    Hmm i suggest taking a warm bath with luke warm water with salt in it (Little bit of salt)It kills the germs i've tried it and it really makes u feel a lot more better try it .

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  • 8 years ago

    Ignore them

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