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She doesn't trust me at all because i've scr*wed her over many times?

we still continue to see each other but not as often because she likes sleeping with me but how would i find out if would want me if she Did trust me. i know she's not going to be in a relationship because she doesn't trust me i also have anxiety, depression and maybe some bipolar symptoms i've even went to therapy for 2 years . it's hard to figure out if she does like me but she's talked herself out of liking me or if she just wanted s*x because there are so many issues at this point that she wouldn't be in a serious relationship even if she wanted to. it has a lot to do with my erratic episodes because of an anxiety and depressive episodes but HOW would i find out if she did want me but talked herself out of it or if she never liked me at all?

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    Are you a lesbian?

    She would need time to trust you again.

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