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Where to find and online Spanish radio talk station?

My brother has been really into taking Spanish classes all through high school. Now that he's not taking a class, but he's continuing to learn more on his own and wants to stay fluent. He says he's been looking online for a while for a Spanish talk (no music) radio station (like NPR) that streams constantly for free. Does anyone listen to something like this that he could use?

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    wow there are lots

    here's one from Colombia

    click "señal en vivo" left corner.

    great station, and beautiful spanish spoken.

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    I used to hear in my cars radio a station called “La Mega” since I live in a Spanish place and they mentioned there website, i've never been to those site I just seached Google so, I don't know if there music free, anyway here you go and good luck.

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    I agree with Answers.... Caracol radio - W radio it is a good one.

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    5 years ago

    super estrella.

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