Is it safe to find a job on craigslist?

Just wondering how safe it is? Anyone found their job on there? I just applied for one on craigslist and got a phone call for an interview. Didn't give me much info though, just a sales rep job. I asked what the company name is but I can't find it on the internet. But the location seems pretty legit since it's in the same building as immigration services. So yeah, I don't know what's up. Thanks.

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    8 years ago
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    Did you hear the news recently? 3 people got killed when they applied for craigslist job. It was a scam. They showed up at the location and were brutally murdered.

    I would say is perfectly safe website to search for jobs because they verify every employer. in CL, there is no verification system whatsoever.

    Ask them to provide their email addresses. If the email addresses have or address, then its 100% fake. Real employers have real emails such as,, etc etc....

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    If all they are saying is that it's a "sales rep job" and there is no information on the internet, you are going to be scammed. This is another pyramid scheme that changes names all the time, as soon as one of their names is reported as a scam then they change the name. Anyone can rent an office - that doesn't make them a legitimate business.

    If this were a legitimate company you would expect to find hundreds if not thousands of hits online when you type their name

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    It is and it is not. A majority of "entry level" positions are those of Pyrimid Schemes, which is alright but probably not what you're looking for. There are a few that are also somewhat like scams where they say one thing and in reality it is not which may become a finicial burden. Also, there have been a few times I have seen craiglists murders associated with job positions for things such as ranch hands.

    If you do look I'd just been careful, probably not the best place to look though.

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    Just because it is a federal building doesn't mean it is safe. As long as your job description and salary are in writing, you are safe.

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  • 8 years ago

    you use craigslist = you die

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