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Can something be both objective and subjective at the same time?

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    There is nothing absolutely objective since existence can only be realized through subjective perception..... we call it objective merely based on how low is the degree of subjective bias.

    Looking at it another way.... objective is merely the plural of subjective...... when too many subjective assessments or perceptions turn out to be identical or similar, it is thereby supposed to be objective.

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    Do you understand the meaning of those words? Objective means relevant to the object and subjective, relevant to the subject... very simply, you can study your own person as an object, even if the understanding you have of it is at first hand and before the study, self-centered -- that is to say, subjective.

    Any idea which is subject-based is also relevant to an external reality to which it relates or has the pretense of relating itself. You could examine how people perceive or what they think a certain phenomenon is and examine what the phenomenon itself is... do you see the distinction here? They're both relations to something: one is subject-based, one is object-based.

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    The unbiased observation of a subjective situation or circumstance.

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    yeah...this question.

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