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Can an Extrovert turn into an introvert?

When growing up I was a very social person. I had lots of friends, I was funny, and I was ******* crazy. I showed no signs of any self consciousness, or anything like that. That all changed in 8th grade when I lost some good friends, (there parents wouldn't allow them to hang out with me because of something I did) and I was forced to make new friends. I had always been a popular guy and made friends with no problem and would always jump from friend to friend. Well when I was alone trying to make friends I was in a weak position, and some people began making fun of me and the way I talk. People, even former old friends, old best friends, people that I had been close to for a long time, began mocking me whenever I even spoke a word. There was a time where I couldn't even say a word without people making fun of me or mocking me. I became severely depressed and was on the brink of suicide. For the first time of my life I became an extremely self conscious person. Just think about how you would feel if all of a sudden you went from an extremely talkative popular kid and turned into a loner. How would you feel if every time you opened your mouth you were mocked. Everyday I went home and cried myself to sleep thinking about death. I felt like I lost everything and instead of confronting the situation and actually telling people to stop I went into myself. People were wondering "what the hell happened to you? You were this crazy kid and now you don't talk." People still ask me almost everyday "what happened to you in 8th grade? Did you take some really bad acid or something?" I developed anxiety problems about the way I talk. The thing is, I feel at my best when I talk to people. I hate being alone. My parents noticed my mood changed and gave me a therapist. My therapist thinks I should go on an anti-depressant and I know that it would help me go back to the person I use to be. I know it would fix me. But I don't because I'm scared about the sexual side effects and potential permanent sexual side effects. I'm the happiest when I'm with people that I know that like me and where I don't feel anxious. When people see me they see a shy person at first but once we become friends they know that that's not the case. Am an extrovert or an introvert?

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    You can definetly be both at the same time- I am. Around close friends and certain family members i am very extroverted, but when I'm at school in a class where I don't know the kids that well I am extremly intoverted. I used to be mostly extroverted, although i don't think Ive ever minded being alone- but around 6th grade I became more and more introverted because grade school girls are extremly mean and being dumbed by your BF is about the worst thing that can happen to you. It got worse in 7th when I switched schools and even worse in 8th when I was stabbed the back by yet again another "best friend". I've always had other friends t help me throught the crap, but I know it still hurts and friends and family who I meet up with now, a few years later notice a darkness about me that wasnt there before, but I think the main diference between your situation and mine (besides I'm a girl) is I've always been a sort of outcast so I didn't feel that drastic change.

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    Have you ever thought you could be bipolar? For everything a read it seems to me you are and some tablets to level you humour do wonders. I new a friend of mine just like that and much older than you. When reading your answer I herd exactly the same things he told me. He went to a lot thinking when the answer was just in front of is nose. Sometimes long depressions happened before diagnoses. To be depressed or to be the full of the court is not nice. My friend used to be very tiered. Espero que tenha ajudado:) Bjs.

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    I can associate with your scenario, a lot. I'd say an Introvert, because you're still not outgoing.

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