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Can someone help me with these questions?

I have had my Yahoo email since 2008. I now have a new computer Windows 7 which DOES NOT support Yahoo messenger. But I get messenger spam for these fake women everyday! Not to mention I get 39 spam emails also. Many of those are very dangerous to click on. I'm not going to lie here, I do like Yahoo answers a great deal and I am now able to comment and also help people with honest facts that I am happy to share. I still get email that can Hack my computer with just on click! But why doesn't Yahoo have a button to report this? Does clicking Flag do anything? And when I emailed Yahoo about this they say to include the top part of the email. I never hear back from them when I ask what the top part is? I am not too happy with Yahoo now and they no longer offer Phone support. So, do I leave? Was this my fault? are there issues here that need to be addressed to Yahoo? Where ever they are? I hope I get some good answers here, my last few question were not handled very well and yes, there are more than one here. Thanks for your help!

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    As far as I know, they DO still offer phone support. The 'top part' they are talking about is the "full headers" that tell where an email REALLY came from. If you click on an email, look at the toolbar at the top of it. The LAST icon looks like a gear; click t he arrow on that icon. One of the options is "View Full Header". Select that, then COPY all the data that shows up there and PASTE that into your abuse report.

    Sorry about Window 7 and Messenger, but not sure how to address that issue. I don't use messenger, but found that if I simply set myself to be "signed out" I don't get hit with all those spam messages.

    Anyway, try this contact info for Yahoo and see if it gets you anywhere:

    Yahoo Customer Service Info:

    866-562-7219 or 408-349-3300

    (live HELP chat link available above)

    Yahoo Personal Email: 866-492-4664 (small fee)

    8am - 5pm M-F (Pacific Time) or

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