What was there before space?

It really confuses me when I decide I'm gonna sit there and think what was there before space.

Please answer my questions (with sensible answers):

What was there before space?

Where did space come from?

How long has space been there?

What made space? ... o.o

I know I'm not going to get the correct answer, cause honestly, no-one really knows.

But it's just fun seeing peoples answers ^___^

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    8 years ago
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    Before space there was nothing. In fact, even the word "nothing" gives the impression of something, even just "empty space" but that's not true. There wasn't even an empty space, because there was NOTHING for that space to exist in...

    Space came from the big bang, which is still under speculation, but seems the most probable as:

    1) all the planets and whatnot are moving away from each other, or expanding outwards. That means that if you follow their paths back, they all came form the same place.

    2) the universe is made up of matter and anti-matter. Becuase the universe came from nothing, it ultimately must equal nothing in the end, right? Well, if you combine all the matter with the anti-matter..BAM! They cancel each otehr and you get...NOTHING! :)

    Space has been there for too long... XD I actually don't know this one, sorry. billions upon billions of years at least.

    Space was made from...well, it's just the space between the planets, stars and whatnot. It's a near total vacuum, which is as close to nothing as we can comprehend.

    Hope you enjoy these answers :) I recalled them from memory, so I'm afraid I have no links.

    If u want to disuss this further, or just want to chat, message me =]

    Source(s): Isaac Asimov My Father (Physics professor)
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  • 8 years ago

    Space is defined as the distances between matter. If there is no matter, there is no space. What's more, since any oberserver, such as us, is made from matter, then since there is no matter there is also no observer, and hence no meaning can be attached to the state that exists when there is no matter.

    The most self consistent hypothesis is that matter (and hence space) originated in a random fluctuation known as a "quantum fluctuation". Yes it all came from nothing. But because it is all destined to return to nothing as the universe rips itself apart, in the long run nothing was created from nothing, which sounds pretty fair to me.

    Unlike some of the fantasy that abounds on this subject, what I have just described has the merit of being based on known properties of the universe. I would recommend serious consideration.

    Here is some illuminating reading for you:




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  • 8 years ago

    Space has always been here. So there is no "before" always, that's my educated guess. Here is my educated guesses to your other questions-

    What was there before space? The space, that we wouldn't techinically call space waiting around for our version of space to be invented....lol?

    Where did space come from? Probably just a form change from...a primitive form of space? Just another way for energy to express itself.

    How long has space been there? Been where? I'm sure you mean everywhere. The Big Bang was about 14 billion years ago. Assuming it was "created".

    What made space? ... o.o Um....again, just a new expression of energy. Another form of it, from whatever the universe was before it was known as the universe.

    Hope this helps.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yeah, it's a good question, but a tough one, and the answers are not easy to get your head around.

    Let's limit it a bit: we can only talk about this universe. If there are other universes, they are (probably forever) completely impossible for us to access or know about. All we can know about is what happens in our own universe.

    (It might be interesting to speculate about other universes, and we can speculate that their existence might have something to do with our universe, but speculation is all it is or can be.)

    One more concept you need before we can really get started: it's better to think of 'spacetime' than 'space'. Think of the three dimensions of space (the x, y and z axes, or up/down, left/right and closer/further) and the one dimension of time as making up a four-dimensional continuum called spacetime.

    So your question becomes 'what was there before spacetime?' But that also means 'what was there before time?' But hang on... what does 'before' mean? It means 'at an earlier time'. But how can we ask 'what was there at an earlier time than time?' The question doesn't make sense: how can there be time before time.

    It's kind of the same for space: 'where was something before space?' But 'where' means 'what is its location in space?' If there is no space, there is no location.

    So, before space (or spacetime) there was... either nothing at all - that doesn't mean empty space, that means nothing at all - or else there was something that is completely impossible for us to imagine and understand, because our brains are so used to thinking in terms of space and time, and exist inside space and time.

    Probably not a very satisfying answer, but hopefully one that helps you keep thinking and asking good questions!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There was seriously nothing until the big bang, when time and space began. It all came from an infinitely dense particle the size of a proton.

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  • 8 years ago

    Current theory is the the "bulk," the underlaying reality that spawned our universe, and possibly an infinite number of other universes, extends infinitely in ten directions, and has always existed and always will. It has energy densities that are literally inconceivable.


    Or try this:


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  • 8 years ago

    i know there were space before big bang.

    but what is before space? i think not much people are into this.

    maybe you can start a hypothesis. to build yourself a name. it still open.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There was nothing !

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